Custom Smokey Mountain Driveway Gates – 18′ Tree & Wildlife Theme

Plasma Cut Driveway Gates

Featuring 18′ Oak Tree and Deer, Squirrel, Groundhog & Rabbits

Custom Made for Smoky Mountain Tennessee Property Entrance

Here’s an interesting set of driveway gates currently in the works by JDR Metal Art.

This project began at the custom design stage; our client really liked an oak tree driveway gate we built years ago and wanted to add something to it. We modified the design by adding to it a wildlife scene which features a large whitetail buck on one side, a doe and two fawns on the other. The deer are accompanied by two rabbits, a squirrel and a groundhog in the grass.

Preliminary Design Concept

Driveway gate design with tree and deer and other wildlife.

Plasma Cut Deer & Wildlife Scenes for Left & Right Gate Panels

Here are the wildlife scene panels after the design stage was finalized and the plasma cutting was complete.

Plasma cut deer scene on 3/16" thick steel sheet.

Steel plasma cut doe and fawn silhouettes for driveway gate.

Plasma cut fawn rabbit and squirrel.

3/16″ Thickness Steel Oak Tree with Leaves Welded in PlaceMetal oak tree with custom leaves.Metal oak tree silhouette.

Steel oak tree with pin oak leaves.

Fitting Up the Scene & Tree Prior to Welding to Gate

Here we’re getting the plasma cut sheets in place to secure them to the gate panels. I cut the wildlife scenes separate from their respective halves of the tree to make handling much easier during the fabrication process.

Each element of the plasma cut design is welded in place on each gate and will add both considerable strength and weight to each gate panel. Each gate panel will hang from steel posts which will be encased within a rock column. The super duty gate hinges attach to two arms which protrude from the encased posts out through the side of each column.

Plasma cut metal rabbit and groundhog in the grass.

Metal oak tree gate with pickets.

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Knoxville TN Driveway Gates | Tree Theme

JDR Metal Art makes getting custom designed driveway gates simple and easy for everyone.

We work with clients from across the country to help them get a great looking gate for an affordable price.

Knoxville TN Driveway Gates

This is an ornamental tree gate we built last winter for a client located in Knoxville, TN.

Driveway gates with tree leaves. Tennessee tree themed driveway gates.  Driveway gate powder coated black. Driveway gates with Tennesee tree silhouette.

6×6 Driveway Gate Posts

These driveway gate posts are made from 6x6x1/4 steel tubing. They’re powder coated with zinc rich primer and a topcoat to match the gates.

They would support much heavier gate panels if needed…nothing wrong with a little overkill 😉

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.

Personalized Chattanooga Tennessee Driveway Gates

Chattanooga Tennessee Driveway Gates

By JDR Metal Art

Front gate for Chattanooga TN driveway entrance features customized tree design.

This Chattanooga, Tennessee driveway gate is a modified version of our tree themed driveway gates. It was designed and built in Columbus, Ohio then delivered to and installed on top of Signal Mountain.

I was very excited about this project ever since these clients first got in touch, saying they wanted something unique and different from the other gates in their area. They had in mind for us to come up with a wicked looking tree themed driveway gate for them so we obliged and got this design together for them using our custom gate design procedure.

Chattanooga Tennessee driveway gates with personalized tree theme driveway fence gate.

The plasma cut tree is 7′ 6″ tall at the center and made from 3/16″ sheet metal.  After it was cut out and cleaned up we welded the tree silhouette on to a 15′ picket fence style frame we built with a top rail that follows the flow of the tree. The frame is made from 2″ square tubing with 1/8″ wall thickness and 3/16″ wall thickness on the rail where the hinges are attached. The pickets are made from 3/4″ square tubing with a sturdy 14 ga. wall thickness. The surface of the steel is cleaned and then sprayed with primer before being painted with an oil rubbed bronze paint.

Metal Art Lightbox Columns

Steel metal art columns lit inside with stars cut outDriveway gate column made from steel sheet with moon and stars cut out by a plasma cutter.

Solar Gate opener package.

We installed a single swing gate opener powered by a 50 watt solar panel. The solar panel charges a battery which stores energy to open and close the gate for a fully automated entry and exit with remotes for vehicles and keypads for visitors.

Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art

We design and build custom gates for folks not just in Chattanooga, Tennessee but also all across the US. Shipping rates are quite affordable, you can contact us for a free shipping quote today. All gates are finished with highly durable powder coat and then carefully wrapped in shipping foam and multi-layered in corrugated shipping cardboard, shrink-wrapped and crated up. We ship out from our local UPS, FedEx and other freight carrier terminals. They are then shipped either to your local terminal for pickup or you can have them shipped directly to your residence or business!

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.