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Custom Driveway Gate Designs by JDR Metal Art

Create Your Jaw-Dropping Custom Driveway Gate Design


Driveway Gate Designs


When you work with JDR Metal Art to create your dream gate design, you get an exceptionally high quality masterpiece that perfectly complements the entrance to your beautiful home, horse farm, cattle ranch, hunting property or getaway cabin.



Farm & Ranch Gate Designs


Metal driveway gate design with plasma cut horse and donkey silhouettes, overhead arch mounted to two 4x4 steel posts and dimensions of the project design.

Metal driveway gate design with horses. Metal driveway entrance gates design2


Traditional Gate Designs


Driveway gate design with scrolls made of steel or aluminum and lettering on a plaque.




What’s Your Passion?

We can take that monster buck you’ve always dreamed about getting your sights on and turn it into a functional metal art piece that secures your property entrance. We can take a photograph of a world champion show animal, or perhaps your family pets, and center your gate around it. You can take a gate design we already have put together and tell us how you want it modified or you can have it built just how it already is. No matter how you choose to go about it, you will be guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind entrance gate.




Our Process:

1. Cost Estimation & Budgeting


First we get a rough idea of the size and shape of the driveway gate you are looking for. You can choose a design from our website or send us pictures if you have an example you’d like for us to work from! We give you an estimate to make sure we are a good fit for your budget.



2. $500 Design Deposit


We agree on a finalized price to design, build and finish the gate to your exact requirements. Once we have come to an agreement on the details and exact pricing, we ask for a $500 deposit to begin the design process…the deposit applies to the overall quoted price of the gate!

The design stage typically takes 2-4 weeks depending on the amount of details involved and our current workload.

We begin the design stage by working on designing the main frame. Once the main gate frame details are established we begin working our way inwards to the details inside the main frame. We also begin working off of any pictures provided by the client of their pets, farm animals, wildlife, etc to create the silhouettes that will be going into the finished design.

  • If the gate has pickets this is the point we add the pickets inside the main frame, then we add any farm, ranch or family names, decorative silhouettes, etc that we have designed.
  • If the gate is an artistic silhouette style design we begin with designing the larger items (typically animals, trees, etc) and placing them where desired. Then we fill in the spaces with the more minor details such as smaller animals, plants & grass, background, etc.

We make revisions to the design as needed along the way, directed by the customer to suit the customer’s overall vision until the customer is totally happy and ready to proceed to the next stage.


3. Fabrication & Finishing Stage


At this point we take a half down deposit (to which the initial $500 design deposit is applied) to begin the metal fabrication stage. The fabrication stage takes approximately 4-6 weeks from the time we order material until the gate is built, depending on current workload. We update the customer as the project progresses with detailed photographs of the high end custom metal work we are performing.

Welding Lexington KY Metal Driveway Gate



After the fabrication stage is complete we begin finishing the gates. This includes surface prep (sandblasting, DA sanding & surface pretreatments as necessary), and paint or powder coat. We typically powder coat our projects in a semi-gloss black. Custom powder coat colors and clear coats can be arranged. Any gates over 8′ tall are too large to be powder coated and will be painted. We can also add faux wood paint finishes. Pictures of the finished gates are sent to you at the end of the finishing stage!



powder coat gate metal 1

4. Delivery



Now that your gates are finished, it’s time for final payment of the balance and delivery! Depending on your location and the size of the gates, we will either ship or personally deliver them to your location. Sometimes they go into a storage facility such as a barn or garage until installation is ready, often they are delivered directly to the installation site. If shipped, you can pick them up at the freight terminal or have them delivered to a commercial or residential address.

Ideas for Fonts, animal designs, etc.:

Common Fonts We Use has a huge repository of custom fonts you can also browse to find something you would like for us to use!


Driveway gate fonts



Basic Wildlife Silhouettes


Here is a small selection of premade animals which can be used for background animals, or we can design them from scratch.




Designs for gate

Need Gate Installation Planning Info?

Here is a

helpful planning and installation how-to

for you to use when planning your upcoming driveway gate project.

If you have any design questions which we have not addressed on this page, be sure to get in touch with us when you are ready and we will be glad to help you out!


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