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Driveway Gate Automation Guide

Driveway Gate Automation Guide

How To Install Electric & Solar Powered Automatic Gate Openers

At JDR Metal Art we provide our customers nationwide with dealer pricing and guidance about gate openers for their custom  metal entry gates.

We can weld the gate opener brackets onto your driveway gate before we powder coat it. The opener is then ready to hang from your gate and the installation is greatly simplified.

Over the years, we have used many different makes and models of gate openers for both solar and standard power applications. We can help you find the ideal gate opener for one of our custom gates.

Swing Gate Openers Basics

Swing gates typically hang from hinges mounted to either a metal post or a concrete or stone masonry column. They can either swing out towards the road (“push to open”) or in towards the facility (“pull to open”) served by the driveway gate. They can also be set up for either a “single swing” or a “dual swing” application.

Standard power applications are where the power is being supplied to the gate opener over a wire running from the house, barn, or from a power line drop.

Solar power applications are possible anywhere the sun shines for at least a few hours most days. A solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy and a battery holds the charge so that gates will continue to work on demand at night or even over long stretches of cloudy days.

LiftMaster Gate Openers

We recommend Liftmaster for all our custom gate automation due to the ease of installation and use and also the high quality parts. Let’s get started..

A selection of Liftmaster driveway gate openers for automatic driveway gates. LA 500, LA 400 & LA 412 are for swing gate operators. RSL 12 is for a slide gate operator while the RSW is the heavy commercial grade swing opener.

Installing a Driveway Gate Opener

Here is a guide for automating driveway gates with gate openers made by Liftmaster/Chamberlain gate operators.

Pull to Open / Push to Open Diagram

Guide showing how a driveway gate post is installed to a driveway gate, or how a driveway gate can be installed to a masonry column such as stone or brick.


A how to guide for the installation of a swinging driveway gate bracket with a welder.


Solar Powering Your Custom Gate

Solar powered chart for driveway gates installed in North America.
Liftmaster LA 500 gate diagram3

LA 500 Gate Opener

Liftmaster automatic gate opener mounted on the bottom rail of a driveway gate.
Liftmaster LA 500 gate operator drawing showing the length and height of this auto operator.

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