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Not Your Ordinary Custom Driveway Gates!

Come check out our one-of-a-kind collection of over 100 sensational custom driveway gates, with themes including wrought iron & ranch driveway gates, horse-themed driveway gates, tree-themed driveway gates & wildlife-themed driveway gates.

Custom Gate Designs Made Just For You

No matter your location, we work with you or your contractor to create the perfect custom driveway gate design for your property entrance. With practically unlimited design options, you dream it and we build it!

Steel & Aluminum Entry Gates

Nearly all of our gate designs can be built from either steel or aluminum. What’s the distinction? We’ve got a short primer on the difference between steel vs. aluminum driveway gates.

We Ship Nationwide! 

4 Different Design Themes To Choose From

1. Wrought Iron & Ranch Gates:

We make plasma cut scrollwork for wrought iron style driveway gates. Driveway gates with wrought iron and scrollwork elements:

Wrought Iron driveway gate by JDR Metal Art, hung from masonry columns.

2. Plasma Cut Wildlife Designs:

We make wildlife metal art themed driveway gates. Here’s a 27′ slide gate with deer, turkeys, ducks and cypress trees for a Florida retreat.

Custom Driveway Gates for Florida driveway entrance, designed by JDR Metal Art.

We build a wide variety of wildlife themed custom driveway gates! Every design is personalized per the customer’s wishes. We design deer, bear, turkeys, elk, ducks, etc.

3. Plasma Cut Horse & Equine Designs:

We make equine themed driveway gates for residences, small farms and large horse facilities nationwide. Here is a German Shepherd & horse themed driveway gate for Military Mutts Ranch in California:

Driveway security gates with plasma cut horses and German Shephard design at California residential entrance.

4. Plasma Cut Tree Designs:

We make a wide assortment of tree themed driveway gates, typically for private residences and estates. Oak trees, maple trees, willow trees, trees of life, etc.

Driveway gates with plasma cut aluminum tree and wildlife design for Florida property entrance.

We make a wide assortment of tree themed driveway gates, typically for private residences. Oak trees, maple trees, willow trees, tree of life, etc; whatever your inner arboreal enthusiast desires!



Why JDR?

When you decide to team up with JDR Metal Art you are putting decades of gate crafting expertise to work for you. You have the power to get America’s finest custom driveway gates designed, built, delivered & installed for you at a fair price.

No matter where your property is located; we will work hand-in-hand, with the utmost professionalism and friendliness, with you or your contractor to fearlessly create a stunningly high-quality, long-lasting entrance gate that is the absolute perfect fit for your home, farm, ranch, estate, cabin, business, animal preserve, lodge or getaway retreat!Custom driveway gates with modern design by JDR Metal Art.

Our driveway gate installations are in over 30 states across America, as well as internationally. 

Over the past 20 years we’ve had the honor of working with dozens of local driveway gate installation contractors who help install and automate our gates. Many of our customers also DIY their own installation with help from our handy installation guide.

Do You Need a Steel or Aluminum Driveway Gate for Your Home, Farm, Ranch or Estate?

Why should you buy and install a driveway gate?

A quality driveway gate adds a layer of protection to your property, your family and your privacy. A driveway gate is a stark portal between public and private. It provides a  firm line of demarcation in the mind.

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Why should you buy a custom driveway gate?

A custom driveway gate takes everything a step further and makes a personalized statement about the character of the property and/or property owner. A well designed custom driveway gate adds extra value to the underlying property through visual appeal and meshes well with the surrounding property.

JDR Designs & Builds Only the Highest Quality Driveway Gates

Although we specialize in plasma cut driveway gates there is no such thing as “cutting corners” at JDR Metal Art! All of our work is top notch when complete!

A Great Gate Requires The Right Materials

First things first: the metals we use are only of the highest quality. All our stock steel and aluminum is stamped “Made in USA.” 

The Outer Gate Frame & Inner Design

For our steel driveway gates we always use a minimum of 1/8″ (.125 inch thick) material thickness for all gate construction. For our aluminum driveway gates, the minimum material thickness is 3/16″. Load bearing components such as the hinge rails and posts are always at least 3/16″ in wall thickness.

The Driveway Gate Posts

Our standard mounting posts are made from 4×4″ square tubing with a minimum of 1/4″ wall thickness.

Driveway gate posts with hinges prewelded, 4x4 steel tube, 1/4" thickness.

We also build 6×6, 8×8 and larger gate posts. 

6x6 steel driveway gate post.

We prefabricate the posts and hinge block mechanisms for each gate we build. That allows for a simplified installation with no on-site welding required. The hinges bolt together and are adjustable so that the gates can be kept level.

We Make Our Own Driveway Gate Hinges

We designed and make our own maintenance-free sealed bearing driveway gate hinges with a 2000lb load rating (per gate leaf). No greasing is required to keep our driveway gates swinging freely. Our standard mounting posts are made from 4×4″ square tubing with a minimum of 1/4″ wall thickness.

Weld on hinges


Comparing Iron vs Steel vs Aluminum: 

There are Substantial Differences Between These Metals

Which material is best for your gate to be built from? Find out the differences in our article Iron vs Steel vs Aluminum.

We Build Steel Custom Driveway Gates

Steel driveway gates on welding table.

We most commonly create steel driveway gates because they are so strong and durable. 

Much like its precursor iron,  steel is more susceptible to corrosion than aluminum when exposed to moisture and oxygen.

We Build Aluminum Custom Driveway Gates

Mexicon clavos on ornamental aluminum driveway gate panel.

When the situation calls for it, we also build aluminum driveway gates.

Aluminum gates are a good choice for those who need a lighter gate or heightened corrosion resistance. Aluminum is less than half the weight of steel and has a very high strength to weight ratio. 

Although aluminum doesn’t actually “rust” it will still corrode in the form of “white rust” when not properly coated.

Powder Coated Custom Driveway Gates 

Once upon a time we painted our gates. Then we learned through experience that powder coating provides a far better solution than wet paints could ever hope for. Since 2014 we have done our powder coating in-house. Many gate companies either elect to outsource their powder coating elsewhere or resort to wet painting. Doing our own powder coating in-house is excellent for us because it greatly increases the finish quality and brings much faster turnaround times than with outsourcing the powder coating. This results in a longer lasting, higher quality product.

Sandblasting Improves Coating Adhesion

Driveway gate being sandblasted free of rust and mill scale.

Before being powder coated the metal must be free of any rust, oil or dirt and that is accomplished by sandblasting the driveway gates.  This gives the powder coat maximum adhesion.

Our Powder Coating Capacity = 20′ long x 9′ tall


With our powder coating line we have the capacity to powder coat anything up to 26′ long and approximately 9′ tall. It is extremely rare that there is a driveway gate too large for us to apply a beautiful powder coated finish to. 


The most critical aspect of metal finishing is, of course, proper part preparation and pretreatment. As mentioned above use sandblasting to remove all rust, mill scale, and dirt from the metal gate surface. We also add eco-friendly cleaning and pretreatment solutions to prepare a very clean, oil and oxide-free metal surface. This sets the foundation for an extended coating life. It also eliminates toxic impact upon our environment.


Each steel gate receives a coat of zinc rich primer for added corrosion resistance. This primer gives our steel gates an outstanding amount of resistance to the formation of rust, even when the powder coat has been scratched all of the way down to the metal.


This is followed by top coats of exterior grade polyester powder coating that is baked to a beautiful finish. Some metallic finishes even get a clear coat or we can add a clear coat on special request!

powder coating a driveway gate with metallic copper finish.

Our standard topcoat color is a 60% gloss black specially formulated for high color retention and resistance to the elements.

Aluminum gates are still sandblasted but they receive two coats of topcoat instead of any primer. The first layer of our polyester top coat acts as a primer layer on the aluminum.

The second layer is essentially just an added layer of protection that we like to put on for an even longer finish life.

Powder coat is more durable than paint, yet any dings or scratches incurred during installation are easily touched up with the corresponding Rustoleum paint color to keep everything looking great and corrosion/rust-free.

aluminum powder coated gate


Nationwide Gate Shipping – Fully Insured

Shipping driveway gates

We guarantee that our gates will arrive in original condition. We contract with only the top rated freight carriers to have our custom gate creations delivered to our clients  who are located nationwide. As frequent shippers we secure high level service at the lowest prices available for our valued clients.

Gates are always securely wrapped and crated with foam packaging inside and also fully insured in the unlikely event that damage would ever occur during transit.

Our clients often opt to pick up their new custom gates from their local UPS or FEDEX freight terminal themselves, or send their contractor to do it for them.

If residential delivery is the chosen method then gates and posts can also be offloaded from the freight truck either by forklift/skid steer or the skid can be quickly broken down upon arrival and the gates and posts offloaded by hand, one by one, with the help of several friends. Most gate panels weigh 250 lbs or less (more for much larger gates). Trucks with lift gates are available for our smaller gates at an extra fee.

We Build Farm Gates

Our custom farm gates make your farm entrance stand out from the crowd.  We build these farm gates for a wide range of farms such as cattle farms, horse farms, elk farms, deer farms, sheep farms and practically any other type of farm you might own or manage!

We Build Ranch Gates

Ranch gates are a great way to keep livestock inside your property while keeping unwanted vehicles out. Our custom ranch gates are designed to integrate with your overall ranch theme.

Your ranch is unique in it’s own way and ranch gates provide an opportunity to show it.


Driveway Gate Blog with a Selection of Our Recent Projects

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Decorative driveway gates with deer, dog and pheasant theme plasma cut for Marion Ohio drive entry.

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