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Denver Colorado Driveway Gates – Horse & Dog Design

Denver Driveway Gates – Colorado Horse & Dog Design

Custom Denver Driveway Gates Made to Order by JDR Metal Art!


Denver manufactured driveway gate frame


Precision Plasma Cut Gate Designs

Our custom driveway gate designs can be made to any size. This is the computerized drawing of the artwork as it’s being plasma cut on the machine. The panels are cut to 80″ wide. When the 2×2″ tubing frame is added to each side the final dimension is 84″ per panel.


Metal art gate design Denver


Plasma cutting is a process involving high voltage electricity and air pressure to remove a thin “kerf” from the metal. In this case, the result is a monogrammed gate design that gets welded inside the gate frame.

Plasma cutting denver co driveway gates




Metal driveway gate being manufactured for Denver




Driveway gate manufacturer Denver



Driveway gate manufacturer denver colorado





Plasma cutting denver co driveway gates 2



Plasma cutting denver co driveway gates 3


Here’s our first plasma cut sheet on the table for cleanup prior to fitting the frame and welding it all together.

Plasma cut artistic driveway gate panel


All the dross created during the plasma cutting process is removed from the back of the sheet using an angle grind and wire wheel. A flap disc is used to clean up the most stubborn pieces of slag that can get fused to the metal, especially in small holes and the other areas where the plasma cutter has to slow down to negotiate sharp turns in the design.

Denver driveway gates being manufactured by JDR Metal Art




Plasma cut horse for denver co driveway gates


Here’s the tail area being fit up with the frame being clamped down prior to being tack welded. Once the sheet is tack welded into the frame then the welding of the mitered joints begins.


Driveway gates for Denver Colorado residence





German shepherd dog design for denver metal driveway gates.





Making double swing driveway gates for denver colorado




Metal gates with horse design







Ranch driveway gates Denver Colorado



Right side panel of double swinging ranch driveway gates


Denver ranch driveway gate with horses grazing



Horse and dog metal gate design



Left panel of denver metal drive gate

Swing gate for driveway in Denver


Here’s the hinge end of the gate arch. It’s 5′ tall. The areas where the welds meet are sanded down with a flap wheel for a smooth and neat transition at every corner on both sides of each gate panel.

Welded manufactured driveway gate frame



welded metal driveway gates denver


This project is being shipped in raw steel to our client where it will be surface finished prior to gate installation.

JDR Metal Art creates Ranch Gates for Colorado Properties:


Colorado 16′ Ranch Gates with Mountain & Horse Theme

This design theme was for a client in Colorado who did the installation DIY. We welded the gate opener brackets in place for him prior to powder coating so that he was able to automate his gates without having to call a welder to weld the brackets to a freshly powder coated gate.

Colorado Ranch Driveway Gates

Colorado 14′ Dual Swing Ranch Gates with Horses

Here’s another set of ranch driveway gates for a Colorado customer, with a 1.5″ square tube frame and 3/4″ pickets.

Driveway gate with design of horse for traditional concrete driveway entrance.



JDR Metal Art builds both steel and aluminum metal driveway gates. If you are interested in learning the differences and similarities between the two we have a helpful article about it here.

We Build Other Types of Ranch Driveway Gates, wildlife themed driveway gates, horse themed driveway gates and nature/tree themed driveway gates.

If you need a custom design for a brand new Denver driveway gate we can do that too!


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Our team of experienced expert designers and craftsmen specialize in creating custom metal driveway gates that reflect your unique style and preferences. We use high-quality materials, such as durable metals and powder coat finishes, to ensure that your gate is built to last beautifully for many years to come. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, and we will provide you with a comprehensive design proposal that meets your requirements and budget.

We are confident that our custom metal driveway gates will exceed your expectations and provide a lasting value to your property. We look forward to working with you to create a beautiful and functional gate that reflects your unique style and enhances the security and privacy of your property.

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Denver Driveway Gates - Colorado Horse & Dog Design
Denver driveway gates JDR

Our custom driveway gate designs can be made to any size. This is the computerized drawing of the artwork as it's being plasma cut on the machine. The panels are cut to 80" wide. When the 2x2" tubing frame is added to each side the final dimension is 84" per panel.

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