Driveway Gates | Atlanta Ornamental Horses by JDR Metal Art

Atlanta Ornamental Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art designed, built and shipped these Atlanta ornamental driveway gates. They were installed by the NE Fence company of Atlanta.

Handmade Ornamental Gates

We work with clients nationwide to provide them with beautiful, durable custom ornamental gates. Our ornamental horse themed driveway gates are built to last…all 2x2x1/8″ square tubing frame and 1/8″ thick sheet metal. Made for a 16′ opening, each of the gate panels weighs 250lbs.

The gate openers are the Liftmaster LA 400 dual swing unit. This unit is designed to handle (per leaf) 10′ long gates that are up to 850lbs. That means this particular set of gates are only a 1/3rd of what the gate opener units are designed to handle.

Custom Ornamental Gate Designs

Our ornamental gate design process makes it easy for you to get a stunning personalized gate. We offer free modification to our existing designs to give personalize it specifically for your family, farm, ranch or business name!

Other Atlanta Ornamental Gates by JDR Metal Art

We regularly design, build and ship ornamental gates to clients in the Atlanta, GA vicinity.

Whether it’s a simple arched top driveway gate or a detailed ornamental oak tree gate with horses, if you can dream it, we can build it!

Let’s get started today!

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.


Atlanta Ornamental Drive Gates – Oak Tree & Horse Theme by JDR Metal Art

Atlanta Ornamental Drive Gates

Customized Georgia Oak Tree & Horse Theme

These ornamental driveway gates were designed & built by JDR Metal Art for one of our Atlanta, Georgia customers. It features a 20′ wide x 8′ tall metal oak tree along with a mare and foal accenting each side of the gate.

We worked with the NE Fence Company who handled the installation of the gates and gate openers. As you can see, they did a fantastic job of putting it all together!

Ornamental Custom Driveway Gates

Atlanta ornamental driveway gates

Custom Gate Art Plasma Cutting

We specialize in customized driveway gates. Each gate is designed to be 100% consistent with the client’s chosen design theme. We design and plasma cut metal art gate silhouettes that are uniquely beautiful and built to weather nature’s elements. Whether our client wants their gate to feature customized lettering, trees, horses, wildlife, etc..we strive to be Atlanta’s #1 choice when it comes to fantastic looking gates built at a competitive price.

Plasma cut steel mare and foal.

Hand Built Ornamental Driveway Gates Made in the US!

We build our ornamental driveway gates by hand. Our craftsmanship is always superb and precise and we receive many compliments on the quality of construction.

We also powder coat our own ornamental gates with the capacity to handle gates up to 20′ wide x 8′ tall. Our standard top coat color is 60% gloss black. We do also offer ornamental powder coat finishes.

Looking for a Custom Ornamental Gate Design for an Atlanta Home?

We make our designs from scratch using our customers ideas. Here’s a dual swing Atlanta driveway gate we completed to customer specs in 2014. And here’s a set of Atlanta metal gates we completed in 2015. Once we have the basic measurements of your driveway entrance and the general design theme then we are able to put together a drawing of the gate frame and a rough draft to establish the focal points of the design. Then we are able to add onto, revise, rearrange and otherwise modify the design until it looks exactly how you want it. Once the design is finalized we are ready to begin building your gate!

If you have any questions please contact us!

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.

Atlanta Driveway Gates | 16′ Custom Dual Swing

Custom 16′ dual swing entrance gate with curved tops

This wrought iron driveway gate project is being put together in Columbus, Ohio and will be shipped to Atlanta, Georgia.

Here is some of the 3×2 steel tubing we are using for the frame. The top rails on each leaf of the gate will arch up at the ends.

Square tubing steel 3x2 on floor


We will be working from this blueprint which was made by coordinating with the client to determine the needs for his driveway. There will be stone columns going on the side of each gate, but rather than mounting the gates to the columns we have made provisions for the gates to mount to steel posts. Those posts will be set in the areas between the driveway berms and the stone columns. They will attach to the posts using J-bolt hinges with ball bearings and grease fittings.atlanta gate design


Working on fitting up the arched top together with the hinge side rail. Notice on the bottom of the picture..all joints are mitered with 45 degree ends before being welded together. Takes extra time but makes for a nice and smooth finish.

Gate laying on fabrication table

Using a MIG welder to join the gate together at the seams. The welding arc is bright enough to give someone a sunburn!

Welding mitred steel tubing

Steel cooling off after running a bead to join a top rail together with a side rail. Shown here in a molten state. The welds are the strongest part of the gate.

Puddle of molten steel on driveway gate

Once the metal cools down we take and sand the welds flat. We use a high-gloss paint which tends to show any surface imperfections so we want everything very smooth. All the separate pieces of steel tubing are joined together to become one single beautiful piece of steel that will not sag or fail otherwise.

Driveway gate laying on top of welding table

Gate Posts


steel gate post with hinge block welded on jdr metal art

Hinge blocks welded to steel posts…two of them get welded to each post…these take a J-bolt which slips through the hinge rail of the gate and is adjustable with nuts & washers.


picket style gate weld jdr metal art

Picture of the weld joining the square tubing picket to the main rectangular tubing frame.

JDR Metal Art custom curved top gate atlanta georgia 4

After the client self-installed his gate along with electric openers.

JDR Metal Art custom curved top gate atlanta georgia 1

It looks like attention was paid to detail on the installation…everything went together perfectly and looks great!

Atlanta Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art

We have worked with numerous clients in the Atlanta area. We are regularly in the area when traveling to install our custom gates nationwide.

Here is a set of horse themed Atlanta driveway gates.

Here is a set of Atlanta gates with a plasma cut metal art tree and horse mare and foal silhouettes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. If you happen to need a custom driveway gate, with or without metal art, please contact us to get started today!


Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.