Indiana Driveway Gates | Metal Art Wildlife Theme

Indiana Custom Driveway Gates

Plasma Cut Wildlife Scene by JDR Metal Art

This is a dual swing driveway gate we built for a gentleman and his wife who own a wooded property near Vincennes, Indiana. We built everything by hand at our shop using a plasma cutter and welder. We then powder coated the gates and the mounting posts; first with a zinc rich primer, followed by oil rubbed bronze, topped off with a glossy clear finish coat.

The gates feature deer, a fox and a bear in a woodland setting. The name of the property, “Whispering Pines”, is hand cut into steel and welded to the top of the gates.

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.

Driveway Gates Wisconsin | Oak Tree Dual Swing by JDR Metal Art

Wisconsin Driveway Gates

12′ Oak Tree Dual Swing Theme by JDR Metal Art

Here is one of our most recent Wisconsin driveway gates; it’s a 12′ dual swing plasma cut oak tree gate with a customized oil rubbed bronze powder coat finish. We are delivering these gates from Ohio to Green Bay, WI.

These plasma cut gates are 5’6″ tall on the outside/hinge rails. The center height is fabricated to 7’6″. Once hung from their posts, the center height of the gates will be about 8′ above grade. We used 1/8″ minimum thickness for all the 2×2″ tubing on the frame. All the pickets are cut from 3/4″ square tubing with a 14ga wall thickness.. The posts are 4×4″ square tubing with 1/4″ wall thickness. The posts and gates also have their adjustable sealed-bearing hinges prefabricated and ready to bolt together for easy installation.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Powder Coat Finish

We applied a powder coat finish to all components of these plasma cut gates. Starting with a base of zinc rich primer (formulated for superior corrosion resistance), we then added a layer of oil rubbed bronze color coat. A third and final layer, clear gloss, was then applied and baked on to bring out the metallic flake in the color coat. The clear coat also prevents oxidation and weathering of the metallic flake, thereby extending the life of the beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish and adding another layer of durability.

Powder coated wisconsin driveway gate plasma cut by jdr metal art 2015

Wisconsin driveway gates with hinge powder coated by JDR metal Art 2015

Wisconsin driveway gate oak tree leaf powder coated by JDR metal Art.

Wisconsin plasma cut oak tree custom driveway gate by JDR Metal Art 2015

Custom Wisconsin Driveway Gates

Design & Powder Coating Solutions

We are here to help you realize the maximum potential for your custom driveway gate project. We design, fabricate, powder coat and ship our custom driveway gates all across Wisconsin, the US and beyond. We work with both residential & commercial property owners to provide them with customized solutions for safe and secure driveway entrance management. We regularly work with a wide variety of customers to help them find exactly what they are looking for when it comes to plasma cut metal art driveway gates. We offer wildlife themed plasma cut driveway gates, horse themed plasma cut driveway gates, and of course tree; themed driveway gates!

Feel free to contact us using the form below to get a fast response to your questions about Wisconsin driveway gates!

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.

South Carolina Wildlife Silhouette Driveway Gate

South Carolina Custom Ornamental Wildlife Gate

14′ Single Swing

Last week we plasma cut an ornamental wildlife themed 14′ single swing driveway gate for a South Carolina residence. We then gave the gate a beautiful, long-lasting powder coated finish.

Spraying Zinc Rich Powder Coat Primer

The first layer of powder coat we applied is a gray zinc rich primer formulated especially for outdoor metal items. It resists corrosion extremely well. It is applied onto the driveway gate as a uniform layer of electrostatic charged dust. We push the gates into the oven and heat them until the powder melts into a gel. We then pull the gates back out and spray the top coat, in this case black. The gates go back into the oven for a final cycle to reach full cure temperature at 400 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.



Finished in 60% Gloss Black

Powder coated driveway gate with black top coat applied. It is a 60% “super durable” gloss black specifically formulated to provide superior color and gloss retention in even the harshest of environments. Powder coat is extremely tough and long lasting when it is applied according to our standards.


Super Duty 2000lb gate hinges

Here is a closeup picture of one of the hinges with its sealed bearing shown. The gate will attach to a post with the hinge brackets already welded to it, also. There is a slotted yoke to allow for adjustment. Each hinge is rated to handle 2000lbs so that is a total of 4000lbs. The gate only weighs about 750lbs total so there should be no issues for a very long time. Each hinge is backed by a lifetime component replacement warranty.



After we finished baking the powder coat on the gates we spent a couple of hours building a 14′ skid on which to safely ship the finished driveway gate to our customer’s home. We used many layers of shipping foam, cardboard, plywood and straps to ensure that there is no question this driveway gate will arrive in perfect condition at it’s South Carolina destination.

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.