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Driveway Gates with Designs for Horse Lovers

Driveway gates made from aluminum for sale to client in Oregon, the design features a running mare and foal running alongside a fence. The gate is 14' and is a single swing.



Custom Gates Made for Horse Farms, Ranches and Facilities


JDR Metal Art creates customized driveway gates with captivating designs for horse lovers all across the great USA.

We are quite familiar with many of the breeds of horses out there and have done many gate projects with horse designs including Quarter Horses (Reining, English & Western Pleasure, Cutting & Trail Horses, Etc.), Arabians, Standards and Thoroughbreds, Missouri Foxtrotters, Gypsy Vanners, Percherons, Tennessee Walkers, Paint Horses and others.  No matter the breed or design you have in mind, JDR Metal Art is ready to help you get your gate project going ASAP!

Whether you’re a “horseless” horse lover or you are with a large professional horse facility specializing in a specific breed or discipline…we have or will create the perfect horse themed entry gate for you.

Shown below are pictures of different horse themed silhouette gates we have custom designed and built for past gate clients who were equine enthusiasts.


Four Horse Gate Design

Gates with horse design for driveway entrance, four board fence railing crafted into metal art from a sheet of metal with a plasma cutter..

We can make this design from 12′ wide to 24′ wide. Shown here as 14′ wide dual swing with raw steel finish prior to paint.


Orlando Florida Horse & Tree Themed Entry Gates

18′ dual swing gate for Orlando residential driveway entrance (near Windermere). Crafted from steel with black powder coat.

Driveway Gates for Orlando, Florida driveway entrance with horses and oak tree.



California Driveway Security Gates

Horse & Dog Theme

Here is a dual swing gate we designed and fabricated for a California driveway entrance. Each panel is 7′ wide and 6′ tall. The gate design features three horses in a pasture. There is also a German Shepherd in the gate silhouette. Gates were painted black with acrylic urethane paint.

California dog themed driveway gates with three horses grazing and playing near asitting German Shepherd.


Lakeland, Florida Custom Driveway Gate Design

Design created to match mosiac in client’s home.

20170414 174058

Lakeland Florida custom driveway gates and designs by jdr metal art 2017.

Driveway entrance with custom gated access controls. Design of horses on driveway gates.

The driveway gates look great..they were installed in Bradenton Area by Johnson Gate Openers. Photo by same.



Western Pleasure & Trail Riding

Gates with horse design for driveway entrance, four board fence railing crafted into metal art from a sheet of metal with a plasma cutter..
Dual Swing Driveway Gates featuring Metal Art Western Pleasure Horses


Lexington KY Driveway Gates| Race Horse Gate Theme

Race horse themed driveway gates with thoroughbred racing horses design for a horse farm entrance located in Lexington, KY.

These Lexington, Kentucky driveway gates feature decorative race horses and an oversize horse shoe split in the metal. The gate pickets are 3/4″ square tubing. The gate frame itself was powder coated with a protective zinc primer and then black powder coat. The decorative elements were powder coated with a chrome top coat and clear coat.



California Ranch Entry Gates

Steel dual swing gates with a ranch design and 6×6 square tubing posts. Gate brackets for Apollo gate openers were prewelded to the gates and posts for easy customer DIY installation.

California driveway gates with horse design for ranch with pine trees in the background, stone columns and pipe fence also.


North Carolina Driveway Gates with Percheron/Draft Horse Theme

Driveway gates for North Carolina farm entrance with plasma cut horse theme of draft horses and a foal..

8′ tall and 20′ wide plasma cut gate with horse design theme. The design is cut from 3/16″ steel sheet. 6×6 steel posts. Black powder coat finish.


Missouri Oak Tree Driveway Gate featuring Horse Silhouettes

This decorative driveway gate is a 16′ residential single swing gate featuring metal art horse silhouettes welded to each side of the tree. The gate post is located behind large brick columns and supports the entire gate. The gate weighs about 400 lbs.

Black single swing driveway gates hanging from brick columns.


Oklahoma City Rusty Steel Horse & Dog Gates

Design featuring 3 Horses & 5 Dogs

Ornamental driveway gates with three horses and five dogs theme custom made for Oklahoma City driveway entrance.

These Oklahoma City driveway gates and overhead sign were custom made for a residence near Oklahoma City. The rusty gate design was custom made to order. With a total of 8 animals, it’s a busy scene. It features three paint horses and five dogs.

We plasma cut two of these 16′ single swing gates for our client; one went up at each entrance to the property. They are finished with a “rustic chic” muriatic acid wash that gives them an aged look overnight.


Southern Cal Horse Themed Palm Tree Gates

Palm tree gate theme hanging from masonry columns with two beautiful mares standing by fencing.

Custom dual swing horse/tree design for entry to southern California property. Design is 8′ tall in the center.


Sarasota, Florida Aluminum Gates

Sarasota, Florida driveway gates, handcrafted aluminum with unique horse designs. Four horses standing by a fence with vinyl fence in the background.

Here is an ornamental gated entrance project we delivered to a Sarasota, Florida residence. Four horses stand at a 3 board fence.

The horse silhouettes were cut from extra heavy duty 3/16 aluminum sheet. The gate frame is square tubing with 3/16″ thick walls. The top is arched and 6’4″ tall in the center.

Plasma cut aluminum gates better withstand the moisture-laden environment of central Florida than does steel. Aluminum is the same strength as steel but only about half the weight. Makes it easier on the openers.

Each gate panel was finished with two coats of “super durable” 60% gloss black powder coat.

Gates were delivered by JDR Metal Art and installed by a local gate opener company.


Indiana 4 Horse

14′ Dual Swing Steel

Horse silhouettes are plasma cut from steel sheet and welded into a steel tubing outer frame. Powder coated finish. Horse farm driveway gates with silhouettes of four horses at a wooden fence.


Colorado Custom Horse Design Driveway Gates

These dual swing steel entry gates feature a mountain theme and custom lettering for Colorado customers. Two grazing Quarter horses. The gate opener brackets were welded in place to the back side of each gate and posts for easy customer DIY installation.

The plasma cut horse theme includes fence panel silhouettes and engraving.

Driveway gates custom designed for colorado ranch entry. Custom driveway gates for Colorado horse ranch by JDR Metal Art.



North Carolina Custom Horse Themed Gates

Plasma Cut Silhouettes of Mini Donkey, Fresians, and Gypsy Vanner Standing at a Fence

Decorative driveway gate with metal silhouette of four horses at fence.

Here is a custom designed dual swing with a miniature donkeyFresian and Gypsy Vanner horsesstanding at a metal art fence. We really love how this gate turned out. The gates are 16′ wide overall. They were delivered from our shop in Columbus, Ohio to a home in North Carolina. They were mounted to stone columns by the client.

We can combine any and all breeds you may have into one overall gate design.


Tennessee Rodeo Themed Gate Design

This was a fun project for the owners of a VRBO ranch in the Nashville, Tennessee area. We replaced two old entry gate panels with two new gate panels, installed the old openers to the new gates and also provided two side panels and an overhead sign which were installed by the owner.

Tennessee driveway gates with metal art rodeo theme design.
Ranch gates with design of bronco and bull rider created by JDR Metal Art.
Ranch gates created by JDR Metal Art.


Pennsylvania Mare and Foal Theme

Pennsylvania driveway gates with saddle design at the bottom of a hill in a fenced in horse pasture.

This single swing farm gate was close to 14′ wide. It’s 6′ tall in the center and arches down to 4’6″ on each end. The design is cut from super heavy duty 3/16″ A36 steel plate which makes the gate very strong. The frame is 2×2 tubing that has 3/16″ wall thickness . The design features a mare with her foal. There is also a saddle sitting on the fence. Customer installed Liftmaster LA500 gate opener.


Orlando, Florida Horse Farm Gates

18′ Dual Swing with Rearing Stallions & Horse Shoe Silhouette

This project was a little different and a lot of fun to build. The pickets are horizontal instead of the typical vertical orientation. We plasma cut rearing stallions and a horse shoe as well as customized lettering and welded them to the gate.

Left gate panel for Florida ranch entrance.

Rearing stallion on swinging driveway gate design with half a horse shoe by JDR Metal Art for Florida Farm.

Orlando, Florida driveway gates with two rearing stallions and horse ranch driveway gate design with plasma cut lettering and logo created by JDR Metal Art in 2019.
Horse ranch gate design for Alaska Farms located in Orlando, Florida.


Los Angeles Driveway Gates

This is a dual swing aluminum gate featuring equine design with copper powder coated finish shipped to customer in Los Angeles, California. It’s a custom plasma cut design from 3/16″ thick aluminum sheet,welded into sharp corner square tubing with 3/16″ wall thickness. Installed by Perimeter Security in 2017.
Los angeles driveway gate design with horses.

Copper color powder coated equine themed driveway gates as they are just pulled out of the powder coating oven at 400 degrees. Los Angeles driveway gates with custom equine theme featuring a horse and donkey beneath a tree with a fence and grass in the background. The gates are laid on soft carpet padding for safe shipping to their destination in California.



Friesian & Andalusian

Friesian and Andalusian driveway gate design on black picket driveway gate with hinges for a single swing.


Rearing Stallions w/ Horseshoe

Gate design of rearing horses on a driveway gate.


Carolina Horse Shoe Gate

One of our popular choices. This particular one is a 14′ dual swing that was shipped to customer in South Carolina in 2017.

Horse shoe design for driveway entrance gates with pickets and steel frame created by JDR Metal Art.


Oregon Driveway Gate

14′ Single Swing Mare & Foal

Marine grade aluminum driveway gate with plasma cut silhouette of mare running with her foal.

Crated & shipped to customer in Oregon.

Horse farm gate design with running mare and foal silhouette.

Driveway gates made from aluminum for sale to client in Oregon, the design features a running mare and foal running alongside a fence. The gate is 14' and is a single swing.


Rearing Stallions with Horizontal Pickets

Driveway gates with rearing horses design theme.


Louisville, Kentucky Horse & Dog Gate Theme Single Swing

12′ single swing steel gate hung from brick columns near Louisville, Kentucky. The artistic metal horse and dog silhouettes in this gate are plasma cut from 1/8″ steel built into a  heavy duty 2″ square tubing frame.

Driveway gates for Louisville Kentucky property. Horses and dogs grace this design with a hill in the background.Louisville, KY driveway gates with horse theme.

Custom Horse Bear Dog Gate Kentucky



Dual swing driveway gate design with horse silhouettes.


JDR Metal Art Creates Custom Gate Designs For All Horse Breeds


Are You Looking for a Custom Horse Gate Design?

We work with horse folks from all over the country to help them create the perfect gates for their farm, ranch or equine facility.

Our horse gate designs are perfect for all horse lovers because we customize them to represent any breed or discipline. We work with hunter jumper facilities, dressage farms, reining horse facilities, pleasure horse farms, cutting horse ranches, show grounds and fairgrounds, veterinarian facilities, boarding stables, and anywhere else horse lovers are to be found.

We also build driveway gates with wildlife designs, as well as tree gate designs. And we build picket style gates that are simple yet stylish, too!

Our talented driveway gate designers are ready to create the perfect horse scene gate for your property. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround time and are committed to providing some of the most beautiful gates available. We work hard to give you a design that you will love to show off to all your neighbors!


 Depending on your needs and location, all metal art gate projects are either delivered by JDR Metal Art or packaged and shipped on a pallet for delivery to your home or facility, or to your local freight terminal for pick-up with a truck and trailer.

We would love to help you get started creating your new driveway entry gates today!

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