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Oklahoma Driveway Gates – 15′ Single Elk & Turkey Theme

These gates were custom designed and handcrafted by JDR Metal Art for an elk ranch in north central Oklahoma.

We began with the customer’s design concept. After presenting the first draft we made several revisions before finalizing the design exactly how the customer intended.

Elk Gate Design

Once the design was complete we began cutting material. Here we’re cutting some tubing for the gate frame.

Plasma Cutting Table

Driveway gates being plasma cut

Finished Plasma Cut Decorative Sheet #1

From Plasma Table to Fab Table

Fabrication of Side #1 Complete

Project is currently in progress…more to follow!

West Palm Beach Florida Custom Aluminum Gates

West Palm Beach Florida Custom Gates

Swamp Themed Metal Art Design

These beautiful aluminum driveway gates were designed, handcrafted and given a beautiful powder coat finish by JDR Metal Art.

We worked with our West Palm Beach, Florida customer to modify a design for him based on a set of Louisiana driveway gates we had previously built in 2017.

The customer’s driveway entrance is 14′ wide. Each gate panel is 6’4″ tall at the peak and 7′ wide and weighs less than 100lbs. The installation of the gates will be provided by Budget Fence and Gate of West Palm Beach, Florida.

All material, both the square tubing frame and the silhouette art, is very heavy duty 3/16″ thick.

The gate panels will each hang from a stucco finished column for which we also made custom mounting brackets for our super-duty hinges to attach to.


Interested in a custom driveway gate? Feel free to contact us to learn more or check out our design info page to learn more about how easy it is to get the perfect gate design for your driveway entrance!

Gates for Lake Geneva, Wisconsin tree nursery.

Lake Geneva Wisconsin Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art

Lake Geneva, WI Custom 20′ Dual Swing Oak Tree Driveway Gate


Featuring hand plasma cut lettering and metal art oak tree gate design hanging from 6×6″ steel posts.

These custom gates were designed and built for the owner of   Woodhill Farm Nursery which is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin oak tree themed driveway gates custom built by JDR Metal Art.

Metal oak leaves welded on a driveway gate. Metal letters on custom driveway gate.

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