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Tree Driveway Gates | Designs Plasma Cut by JDR Metal Art

Decorative Driveway Gates featuring Handmade Trees

& More!

Here you can see some of the custom tree themed driveway gates we’ve built over the years. We build them all by hand, no two are quite the same. We work with individuals and/or their contractors to provide a gate that will be the perfect fit into their driveway entrance. Our gates will work with most gate openers

14′ Dual Swing Oak Tree Driveway Gate

Oak Tree Driveway Gates Plasma Cut by JDR Metal Art

This beautiful oak tree driveway gate is flanked by two massive stone columns and safeguards a log home located on an exceptional walleye fishing lake north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We custom built the gates in Columbus, Ohio to fit the existing stone columns. All measurements were coordinated ahead of time and the communication worked out quite well because the gates fit their new resting spot perfectly. The overall height of these oak tree themed gates is about 10′ after we hung them.

18′ Dual Swing Texas Driveway Gates

Featuring Tree & Horse Theme

These Texas driveway gates feature a two-tone powder coated finish. We also added horses and a silhouette of our client’s dog to create a plasma cut scene.


14′ Dual Swing Charleston, SC Driveway Gates

This dual swing iron gate is mounted to steel posts and brick columns with automated electric gate openers attached. Located in front of a beautiful Charleston, SC residence.

Charleston South Carolina Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art 2013

15′ Single Swing Missouri Driveway Gate featuring Horse & Tree Design

We designed, built and delivered this 16′ single swing gate to Missouri. The tree is plasma cut from 3/16″ steel sheet and bolted to the square tubing frame of the gate. The two horse silhouettes were also plasma cut and then welded onto the pickets of the gate. Everything was powder coated black in our new powder coat oven.

Driveway gate with plasma cut tree and horse design made into metal art.

Missouri oak tree drive entrance gate featuring horses by JDR Metal Art

20′ Dual Swing Indiana Oak Tree Driveway Gates

Below is a set of custom cut gates leaning against the side of my shop after the paint cured, shortly before being loaded up and hauled to Indiana where it was installed along with another set just like it. Each set was built for a 20′ opening between stone columns.

JDR Metal Art plasma cut oak tree entrance gate

Chattanooga TN Curly Tree Driveway Gates

These Chattanooga, TN driveway gates were a really cool project we did for some fantastic people up on Signal Mountain at the “Wicked Ranch”.  The side boxes are lit from the inside at night. The gate opener system is powered by a solar panel.

 Driveway Gate in Chattanooga tennessee with tree theme.

Another picture of the Chattanooga TN entry gate, this time in the shop.

JDR Metal Art Custom designed tree security gate Chattanooga Tennessee

Wisconsin Oak Tree Driveway Gates

16′ dual swing

Dual swing 16′ entry gate with oak tree theme built for a landscaping contractor’s residence located in the central Wisconsin area. Approximately 8′ tall in the center.

Wisconsin Driveway Gate with Oak Tree and Pickets by JDR Metal Art 2014

12′ dual swing design

Another Wisconsin decorative entrance gate. Approximately 7′ tall center.

Wisconsin plasma cut oak tree custom driveway gate by JDR Metal Art 2015

Knoxville Tennessee Driveway Gates

Knoxville TN driveway gates oak theme 1 by JDR Metal Art

Loaded on a trailer ready to be delivered to Knoxville

Knoxville TN driveway gates oak theme 2 by JDR Metal Art

These driveway gates were delivered by us to Knoxville, Tennessee in January 2016. 14’wide, 7′ tall dual swing oak tree gate design with 1″ pickets and doubled bars on the bottom.

12′ Single Swing St. Louis, Missouri Entry GateSt Louis Driveway Gates Oak Tree by JDR Metal Art

This is a single swing variation of our oak tree entry gate built and delivered for a St. Louis, Missouri area residence.

24′ Dual Swing “Tree of Life” Driveway Gate

Drive entry gates with silhouettes of cattle and a large metal oak tree.

A 24′ dual swing entrance gate for a southern Ohio farm, near Lucasville. The owner calls it the “Tree of Life”. It also features metal art livestock silhouettes and scenery incorporated into the background.

Louisiana Entry GatesLouisiana Custom Drive Entry Gates by JDR Metal Art

These Louisiana entry gates were built for a lady with smaller dogs. We put the pickets closer together on this one so the dogs wouldn’t be able to get out.

20′ Dual Swing Driveway Gate

Creative tree themed driveway gates for Missouri entrance.

Driveway gates built for avid coon hunter at his Missouri property.

Simple Tree Gate

driveway gates with tree cutouts

Interested In a Personalized Driveway Gate Design?

If you have any questions at all for us we would be glad to answer them. We can design a custom tree gate for you using our simple and easy gate design process. Once the gate design is finished to meet or exceed your expectations then we are able to move forward with the custom fabrication work. All of our custom tree gates are built entirely by hand with pride in the USA. We apply a beautiful and super durable powder coat finish to our gates before we professionally package them up for shipping to your home, business or for pickup from a local freight terminal. We ship freight such as UPS and FedEx. Get a free shipping quote today by filling out our form below. !

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2 thoughts on “Tree Driveway Gates | Designs Plasma Cut by JDR Metal Art

  1. Kathy Trauman says:

    Could you give me a guess on a price for a 12′ & a 14′ duel swing, oak tree plus horses. Plus shipping. What does the back side of the gates look with the plazma cutouts? Do you have a picture.

  2. [email protected] says:

    That back side of the gates look just like the front of the gates. They are flat silhouettes. I will look for a picture to email to you. I did email you prices for the sizes you requested. Thanks!

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