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37 Driveway Gates with Tree Designs – JDR Metal Art

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Driveway Gates – 37 Unique Tree Gate Designs


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JDR Metal Art makes driveway gates for US clients with driveway gates installed in over 30 states. We offer free nationwide shipping!

Below are just a handful of the custom tree themed driveway gates we’ve created for our nationwide clients over the years.

They’ve all been built to custom specs, no two are quite the same. Contact us today to start a design of your very own!



Gate Design 1T:

Alabama Automatic Driveway Gates – Personalized Dog & Tree Design

16′ double swing steel driveway gate, powder coated black, installed by Innovative Fence Solutions of Birmingham, Alabama.

Driveway gates with tree design by JDR Metal Art and installed by Innovative Fence Solutions.




Gate Design 2T:

Washington State Tree & Wildlife Themed Entry Gate

12′ Dual Swing

This is a 12′ dual swing steel with an oak tree silhouette theme, 7′ tall, stamped pin oak leaves welded into place, personalized lettering and wildlife cutouts. Powder coated black.

A photo of customized driveway gate with tree and deer theme.

12′ wide dual swing steel



Gate Design 3T:

Grand Rapids, MI – Maple Tree Driveway Gate

14′ Dual Swing

This maple tree gate design is plasma cut from rugged 3/16″ thick sheet steel and stands approximately 7’6″ tall in the center of the opening.

14' dual swing custom gate with maple tree design at driveway.



Gate Design 4T:


Lakeland, FL Oak Tree & Wildlife Gate

20′ Dual Swing Aluminum

Aluminum driveway gates with plasma cut oak tree & oak tree leaves. Also plasma cut wildlife including deer, fawns, squirrel, turkeys & rabbit. Powder coated with custom bronze finish. Gate installed with Viking underground gate opener system.

Driveway gates with plasma cut aluminum tree and wildlife design for Florida property entrance.



Gate Design 5T:


Vero Beach, FL Mangrove Tree Driveway Gates

Laser Cut Aluminum

Laser cut aluminum gates with mangrove silhouette


Custom Mangrove Tree design for Vero Beach, Florida residential driveway entrance gate. Laser cut from 3/16 aluminum sheets. Although are gates are typically powder coated, these gates are painted black onsite after installation with an electrostatic paint sprayer.



Gate Design 6T:

Texas Ranch Driveway Gates – Plasma Cut 18′ Dual Swing

These Texas ranch driveway gates feature a two-tone powder coated finish. We also added horses and a silhouette of our client’s dog to create a plasma cut scene.




Gate Design 7T:


Indiana Oak Tree Driveway Gates

18′ Dual Swing

Custom plasma cut oak tree driveway entry gates, 8′ tall in center. Hung from 4×4″ steel square tubing F-posts buried within rock columns.

Indiana driveway gates with metal art tree.

JDR Metal Art plasma cut oak tree entrance gate



Gate Design 8T:

Miami, Florida Driveway Gates

16′ Slide Gates with Palms, Oak & Wildlife

Aluminum decorative driveway gates for Miami, Florida property entrance.



Gate Design 9T:

Florida Keys Palm Tree Gates

16′ Dual Swing

Driveway gate with palm tree design at residence in Marathon, Florida.
Driveway gate for Marathon, Florida home.

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Gate Design 10T:


Charleston, SC Driveway Gates –

14′ Dual Swing

This dual swing iron gate is mounted to steel posts and brick columns with automated electric gate openers attached. Located in front of a beautiful Charleston, SC residence.

Charleston South Carolina Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art 2013



Gate Design 11T:


Missouri Driveway Gate featuring Horse & Tree Design

15′ Single Swing

We designed, built and delivered this 16′ single swing gate to Missouri. The tree is plasma cut from 3/16″ steel sheet and bolted to the square tubing frame of the gate. The two horse silhouettes were also plasma cut and then welded onto the pickets of the gate. Everything was powder coated black.

Driveway gate with plasma cut tree and horse design made into metal art.

Missouri oak tree drive entrance gate featuring horses by JDR Metal Art



Gate Design 12T:


Smoky Mountain Oak Tree & Wildlife Design

18′ Dual Swing

Custom designed for client in Smoky Mountains, early 2018. Split swing oak tree featuring a buck, doe, two baby fawns, two rabbits, a squirrel and a ground hog.

Driveway gates by JDR Metal Art with customized designs.



Gate Design 13T:


Willow Tree Gate Design

Custom designed willow tree themed driveway gate design is 12′ wide and 10′ tall in the center. Design concept submitted by client and finished by JDR Metal Art.

Driveway gate design idea drawing.

Driveway gate design with metal art willow tree.



Gate Design 14T:


Louisville, Kentucky Oak Tree Gate

18′ Dual Swing

Driveway gate installed in Louisville, Kentucky by JDR Metal Art Oct 2016

Project for Louisville, Kentucky residence.



Gate Design 15T:


Chattanooga TN Curly Tree Driveway Gates

14′ Single Swing

These Chattanooga, TN driveway gates were a really cool project we did for some fantastic folks up on Signal Mountain at the “Wicked Ranch”.  The side boxes are lit from the inside at night and it’s quite an impressive scene. The gate opener system is powered by a solar panel.

 Driveway Gate in Chattanooga tennessee with tree theme.

Another picture of the Chattanooga TN entry gate, this time in the shop.

JDR Metal Art Custom designed tree security gate Chattanooga Tennessee

20191017 205925



Gate Design 16T:


Wisconsin Oak Tree Driveway Gates

Dual swing 16′ entry gate with oak tree theme built for a landscaping contractor’s residence located in the central Wisconsin area. Approximately 8′ tall in the center. Our standard black powder coat finish over zinc rich primer.

Wisconsin Driveway Gate with Oak Tree and Pickets by JDR Metal Art 2014





12′ Wisconsin Gate

Another Wisconsin decorative entrance gate. 12′ wide dual swing steel gate which is approximately 7′ tall center. Powder coated bronze finish with clear coat on top.

Wisconsin plasma cut oak tree custom driveway gate by JDR Metal Art 2015



Gate Design 18T:


Lake Geneva, WI 20′ Oak Tree Gate

This impressive dual swing gate is 8′ tall in the middle and was delivered to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin by JDR Metal Art and installed by the customer.

Handcrafted entirely from heavy duty 3/16″ steel materials, these gates will withstand the tests of time.

Lake Geneva Wisconsin Driveway Entrance Gates by JDR Metal Art 1



Gate Design 19T:


12′ Single Swing St. Louis, Missouri Entry GateSt Louis Driveway Gates Oak Tree by JDR Metal Art

This is a single swing variation of our oak tree entry gate built and delivered for a St. Louis, Missouri area residence.



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