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Mississippi Driveway Gates | Magna Vista Plantation 22′ Dual Swing

Mississippi Driveway Gates | Magna Vista Plantation | 22′ Dual Swing

8′ 6″ Tall Entrance Gates for 6,000 Acre Hunting Property on the Mississippi Delta!


With ducks at sunrise, deer at sunset, and everything in between, Magna Vista offers both refuge and thrill to outdoorsmen of all experience levels.

Magna Vista Plantation and Fitler Farms — two of the most historic and revered hunting camps in the Mississippi Delta have combined these legacy camps to create approximately 6000 acres of the most sought after hunting property in the country.


The Initial Gate Design:


This design was submitted to us by the client which made our job a bit easier, although it was still a challenge to get the different overlapping design layers working together so all of the elements were visible in the final product. After a bit of editing the design we couldn’t be any happier with the outcome!

Plasma Cutting the Art:

Plasma cut design for Mississippi driveway gates at Magna Vista Plantation
Plasma cut birds for Mississippi property entrance gates

Putting It All Together:

Assembling the gate frame, pickets and plasma cut design elements was a challenge but a fun challenge.. there are so many welds on this project and everything comes out as one solid piece when the welding is done. Lots of measuring and double checking to make sure the whole thing is perfectly square and lines up properly, and there are lots of opportunities for things to go wrong. Very satisfying for it all to come out flawlessly in the end..thanks to hours and hours spent planning before even one piece had been cut!

Building driveway gate with pickets for hunting preserve in Mississippi
Picket driveway gates with steel art designs

Pretreatment Washdown Before Powder Coat:

Here one of the gate panels are outside after the metal has been sandblasted to a bare white finish, thus removing any rust and oils on the metal prior to powder coat. The gates get washed down with a conversion coating pretreatment that is sprayed on and left to soak, then power washed off with filtered water.

Custom gate with pickets and plasma cut metal art designs

Next Up: Powder Coating!!

This is the point where the gates get fancied up with some powder coat paint that is applied as a dust and then baked in a large powder coat oven. First a coat of zinc rich primer is applied, setting the base for two coats of black powder coat that get applied after the primer. On the final bake cycle, the gates reach a temperature of approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and bake for 10 minutes. Once the time is up the powder coat is fully cured. It’s a much better process than waiting weeks for regular paint to fully cure.

Once It’s Been Powder Coated:

11 foot driveway gate with custom plasma cut design
22 driveway gates with custom metal art design

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