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    Driveway gates with maple tree leaves and leafs that were plasma cut by JDR Metal Art.

    Maple Leaf Driveway Gate Design by JDR Metal Art | New in 2018

    Driveway Gates with Maple Tree & Leaf Designs Did you know that there are over 100 species of maple (acer) trees worldwide? With its wide range of uses, from the Japanese art of bonzai to furniture making, the maple tree is widely appreciated for its beauty and regarded as...

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    Driveway gates in Indianapolis, Indiana with custom wildlife scene and grazing horses. plasma cut by JDR Metal Art in summer of 2018.

    Driveway Gates | Horse & Nature Design Theme for Indianapolis Residence

    Indianapolis Driveway Gates Plasma Cut by JDR Metal Art These dual swing driveway gates were custom designed by JDR Metal Art for an Indianapolis area residential entrance. The gates feature arched top rails with steel plasma cut horses and an oak tree. The oak tree is roughly eight feet...

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    Kansas City Custom Driveway Gates with Oak Tree Design

    Kansas City Driveway Gates Custom Steel Oak Tree Theme with Pickets Here’s another custom Kansas City driveway gate project designed & built by JDR Metal Art. Highest Quality Welds & Smooth Metal Finish All welds are professionally done by a highly skilled welder. All frame joinery is also ground...

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    Driveway gate design with tree and deer and other wildlife.

    Custom Smoky Mountain Driveway Gates – 18′ Tree & Wildlife Theme

    Plasma Cut Driveway Gates Featuring 18′ Oak Tree and Deer, Squirrel, Groundhog & Rabbits Custom Made for Smoky Mountain Tennessee Property Entrance Here’s an interesting set of driveway gates currently in the works by JDR Metal Art. This project began at the custom design stage; our client really liked...

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    Tree of Life Gate Design

    Custom Tree of Life Gate Design Steel Frame & Pickets with Aluminum Silhouette Cutouts and Custom Residential Development Sign Here’s a “tree of life” gate we completed in 2017 for a Louisiana property developer.         steel gate frames The frames for these gate are made from...

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