Wildlife Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates with Decorative Wildlife Themes

Custom Deer, Elk, Bear, Antelope, Alligators, Turkey and more!

Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art

We love building artistic driveway gates which feature a wide variety of wildlife animals. All of our wildlife themed decorative driveway gates are plasma cut by hand from either steel or aluminum and can be made to custom fit any driveway size. Designs can be rearranged and semi-customized for your personalized driveway gate so if you want to incorporate parts of different gates you like into something entirely new then contact us and we can design it for you!

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Three Deer Wildlife Scene Drive Gate

Front entry gate with deer wildlife silhouettes made with a plasma cutter.

This ornamental wildlife entry gate is one of our favorite pieces built to date. At 18′ long, there is an additional 12′ structure on the end (not visible here) to turn it into a sliding gate. Features two whitetail bucks, a doe and two fawns in a Missouri woodland setting.

Custom Aluminum Gates

Wildlife Design for Cypress Ridge Hunting Preserve

16′ single swing gates, each of them 8′ tall. We built three of them for a client near Orlando, Florida. Scene includes silhouettes of Antelope, Deer and Turkeys.

This is a plasma cut silhoutte of an antelope on a driveway gate.

Ornamental driveway gates fabricated from aluminum for Orlando Florida entrance.

More photos and details of the Cypress Ridge hunting preserve driveway gates at our drive gate blog.

Single Swing 11′ Lodge Drive Gate

11' single swing driveway gate with metal art lodge cutouts.

11′ single swing entrance gate featuring a lodge in the mountains with wildlife and tree accents.

Single Swing 12′ Whitetail Deer Gate

Metal art front driveway gate with silhouettes of deer fox turkey pine oak trees.

Single swing front gate featuring a plasma cut whitetail buck, a turkey, fox and oak, maple, and pine trees in a country setting. Perfect for smaller driveway, still wide enough to handle large truck and trailer, motor coach, etc. Weighs approximately 250 lbs.

 20′ Dual Swing with Deer Silhouettes & Solar Powered Automatic Openers

Rustic driveway gates featuring cutouts of deer fox and trees plasma cut by JDR Metal Art.

This dual swing metal art entrance gate is automated with a Liftmaster LA 412 solar powered gate opener. It features a whitetail buck and doe and was installed in north central Ohio.

Dual Swing Driveway Gates featuring Whitetail Deer & Fox

Here’s a picture of a 16′ whitetail deer style swing gate that was put together and installed for a couple outside of Cincinnati in southern Ohio. We also installed an Estate Swing gate opener package for them.

Front driveway gates featuring deer wildlife Plasma Cut by JDR Metal Art.

West Virginia Driveway Gates

14′ Dual Swing Deer & Turkey Gate Design

This front entry gate was made for a farm in West Virginia. They installed it themselves and did a fantastic job. One of the first sets of powder coated gates after building the powder coat oven.

Artistic farm gate in West Virginia featuring deer and turkey silhouettes plasma cut by JDR Metal Art.


 Illinois Wildlife Driveway Gates

Corten Steel Deer Gate

Illinois artist metal entry gates with deer and fox silhouettes plasma cut by JDR Metal Art.

This 20′ dual swing deer gate was designed to rust to a fine purple patina. Mounted to local stone columns, it is made from Corten weathering steel and will develop a beautiful rust patina over time until eventually the rust achieves its final look; a slightly purple-hued rustic finish that seals itself off from further rusting.

We installed these dual swing gates at a private hunting reserve in Cuba, Illinois.

For openers to install Apollo model 3500/3600 driveway gate openers along with an automatic exit wand and a wireless intercom/keypad system. The weather was uncooperative with lots of rain, high wind, and then snow but we survived and this picture was taken and sent to us the next spring by Jeff Martin, landscape architect for this project which now features native prairie grass and wildflowers along each side of the driveway.

Louisiana Wildlife Themed Estate Gates

Custom driveway gate with plasma cut wildlife silhouettes for Louisiana entrance by JDR Metal Art.

19′ dual swing entrance gates we built for Louisiana estate entryway. Featuring whitetail deer, hog, ducks, & trees along with custom lettering. Built from rugged 1/8″ thick steel. Shown cooling down here after we pulled them out of the powder coat oven.

Bear & Deer Driveway Gates

Driveway Gate Bear Deer Bear Paw Ranch Missouri plasma cut by JDR Metal Art

The bear depicted on these plasma cut ranch gates happens to be “Gentle Ben” of TV fame in the 1960’s…now memorialized in steel making up the driveway gate at Bear Paw Ranch in St. James, Missouri where Gentle Ben was born and raised. The gate was custom designed and fabricated for the gentleman who now owns the ranch. Our client’s son’s wedding was coming up soon and the project was time critical. We were able to get the gate delivered to him to be installed with a couple days to spare before the wedding. A whitetail deer is featured on the other half of the gate. A truly one-of-a-kind design with all design rights privately held by gate owner.

Bear Themed Iron Gates

This 16′ bear-themed entry gate was built for a fun couple who spend their time between Florida and their family farm, the Mountain View Estate, in the beautiful Adirondacks in upstate New York. We had the gates powder coated with zinc rich primer for corrosion control with  a flat bronze topcoat. We delivered the gates from Columbus, Ohio to New York and installed them there along with an Estate Swing 1000D automatic opener package.

New York Custom Driveway Gates with plasma cut wildlife bear scene by JDR Metal Art.

Decorative Bear Themed Gate

16′ Single Swing

This steel gate was plasma cut from 1/8″ sheet and mounted to a stone column. We built an F shaped bracket from square tubing which was embedded inside the column. The hinges mount to the tubing that protrudes from the wall about 4′ apart. The gate weighs approximately 450 lbs.

Drive gate with three bears in the design.

Artistic Elk Driveway Gate for Tennessee Mountain Residence

An artistic driveway gate for private mountain residence along the Appalachian Trail.

Deer, Rabbit & Squirrel Themed Gate

Entry gate with silhouette of deer rabbit and squirrel with mountains in background.

Deer Pheasant Driveway Gate Wildlife


Driveway gate with buck and doe.

Our Ornamental Gates are Crafted by Hand

All our work is hand cut with a Hypertherm plasma cutter. If you have a theme in mind we can design a gate that will be meet or exceed all your expectations. If you are able to provide us with a picture of your entrance then we can actually show you what the gate will look like before the first cut is ever made.

You can also check out our ornamental tree gates here & horse gates here. If you are interested in having us create a custom design for you or have any other questions then feel free to contact us below.

Thank you for taking the time to look at some of the unique driveway gates we’ve enjoyed putting together here at JDR Metal Art.

Animals for plasma cut silhouettes and metal art images that can be turned into decorative wall art, signs, driveway gates, etc.

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