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20 Driveway Gates with Wildlife Designs by JDR Metal Art

Custom driveway gates by JDR Metal Art 2021 e1665871909178


Driveway Gates with Unique Wildlife Themed Designs


Made in USA

Get The PERFECT GATE To Match Your Property!


 Hunting Properties – Farms – Ranches – Animal Preserves & Sanctuaries – Homeowners


JDR Metal Art’s driveway gates & designs are artistic and creatively made to look like real life.

Our nature scenes feature a practically unlimited variety of different animals and wildlife such as whitetail & mule deer, elk, moose, bears, foxes, ducks, birds, turkeys, pheasants, hogs, alligators and practically anything else you could want on your gate!

We work with you or your contractor to make the perfect gate design for your property entrance.



Gate Design 1W:

Northern Florida Wildlife Theme

27′ Sliding Driveway Gate –  Aluminum

Large 27′ single slide driveway gate panel, metal art design with deer, turkeys, ducks and cypress trees. Designed for a hunting preserve outside Tallahassee, Florida.

Sliding aluminum gate, 20' wide. designed by JDR Metal Art.

Gate Design 2W:

American Flag Gate – 20′ Dual Swing – Steel

Driveway gates with custom gate design of American Flag, plasma cut steel design for driveway entrance.

This is a 20′ wide dual swing gate with an American flag, two whitetail bucks, a doe, four ducks and three turkeys. There is also a groundhog, two bunnies and a squirrel. Gate was delivered to client in Missouri.

Gate Design 3W:

Ohio Whitetail Deer – 12′ Single Swing – Steel

Driveway gates with custom wildlife deer silhouette design. Handcrafted from steel by JDR Metal Art.

This is one of our most popular driveway gates. It’s a single panel swing entry gate that measures 11′ wide and 6′ tall. This particular gate is hung to swing in toward the property from hinge brackets which are bolted to the backside of the upright timbers. We typically supply a steel post from which to hang the gate.

This design features a large whitetail buck standing proudly in the grass out in front of some trees, along with a fox and a turkey in the background.

The gate frame is crafted from steel square tubing. The metal silhouette is cut from 1/8″ sheet steel. Weighs approximately 250 lbs. Gate is located off a quite back country road between Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio.

Gate Design 4W:

Ohio Whitetail Deer & Pines – 20′ Dual Swing – Steel

Driveway gates decorative plasma cut by JDR Metal Art whitetail deer dual swing

This dual swing metal art entrance gate is automated with a Liftmaster LA 412 solar powered gate opener. It features a whitetail buck and doe and was installed in north central Ohio. Each gate panel is 10′ wide x 6′ tall.

Gate Design 5W:

Louisiana – Custom Swamp Theme: Cypress, Deer, Gators, Ducks

This is a 16′ wide dual swing gate with an assortment of different swamp creatures: a buck, doe and a fawn. Also, five ducks, a turkey and three alligators. Add to that some cat tails, grass and cypress trees.driveway gate design with deer alligators ducks turkey silhouettes by jdr metal art 2017 2

1/8″ sheet steel silhouettes were each plasma cut and then welded into heavy duty 2″ square tubing frame with heavy duty hinges.

This Louisiana driveway gate design has proven to be quite popular in the short time since we first designed it in’s been modified to fit several other properties across the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Florida.

Gate Design 6W:

Oklahoma Elk Driveway Gate – 15′ Single Swing  – Steel

Oklahoma driveway gate featuring steel elk & turkeys design for Three Wild Turkeys elk farm a short drive north of Oklahoma City. One of three shown. 6×6 steel posts with matching black powder coat finish.

Elk driveway gate design in front of Oklahoma driveway entrance.

Gate Design 7W:

West Virginia – 14′ Dual Swing – Steel

 Deer & Turkey Gate Design

This front entry gate was made for a farm in West Virginia. They installed it themselves and did a fantastic job. One of the first sets of powder coated gates after building the powder coat oven in 2014.

Artistic farm gate in West Virginia featuring deer and turkey silhouettes plasma cut by JDR Metal Art.

Gate Design 8W:

Tennessee 16′ Dual Swing Deer Antler Themed Gate – Aluminum

16′ dual swing gate with antler silhouettes, handcrafted from aluminum.

Deer antler driveway gate design.

Driveway Gate Design 9W:

Kentucky Hunting Theme Entry Gate – 18′ Dual Swing – Steel

This dual swing driveway gate is plasma cut from steel and features a hunting design theme. Each panel is 9′ wide and 6′ tall.

Design of driveway gates with hunting dogs, hunter, pheasants, clouds, trees and deer in hills background nature scene.

Hunting driveway gate silhouette theme that has been plasma cut from steel.

Gate Design 10W:

Missouri – Three Deer Wildlife Scene Drive Gate

Front entry gate with deer wildlife silhouettes made with a plasma cutter.

This ornamental wildlife entry gate is one of our favorite pieces built to date. At 18′ long, there is an additional 12′ structure on the end (not visible here) to turn it into a sliding gate. Features two whitetail bucks, a doe and two fawns in a Missouri woodland setting.

Gate Design 11W:

Georgia Mountain Themed Deer Gate – Steel

This is one of our favorite deer gates, each panel is 6′ wide x 6′ tall: 12′ total width. The whitetail buck and doe are accompanied by turkeys on the left side gate panel.

Texas gates by JDR Metal Art

Gate Design 12W:

New York Single Swing 11′ Gate – Steel

11' single swing driveway gate with metal art lodge cutouts.

Custom built for a lodge in upstate New York. This is a powder coated 11′ single swing steel driveway entrance gate. Plasma cut from rugged 3/16″ sheet metal, the gate design features a lodge in the mountains with wildlife, two bears and a deer, grass, mountains and tree accents.

Gate Design 13W:

Washington 22′ Dual Swing Moose & Bear Gate – Steel

Plasma cut design with moose & bear silhouettes. 22′ wide dual swing.

Ornamental Driveway Gates Bear Moose by JDR Metal Art 2014 Copy



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