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Laser Cut Driveway Entrance Gates – Incredible Aluminum Mangrove Theme!

Laser Cut Driveway Gates with Incredible Mangrove Theme

( Sent to Vero Beach Florida)

Laser Cut from Aluminum by JDR Metal Art


Here at JDR Metal Art we recently completed this laser cut Vero Beach driveway gate project with a total of 17 gate panels.

While we have been plasma cutting aluminum metal art driveway gates since 2011, this project was a better fit for laser cutting and so this is our first laser cut driveway gate project…everything turned out perfectly!

Each metal art gate panel is cut from 3/16″ thick 5052 aluminum.

The framing welded behind the laser cut panels is 2 x 2 x 3/16″ 6061 aluminum tubing.





Laser cut aluminum driveway gate for Vero Beach Florida residence.


Laser cut aluminum gate

Below is a picture of the backside of two gate panels showing the framing welded to the aluminum sheet.

Laser cut gates with mangrove design for Vero beach home.

Hinge brackets for Vero Beach driveway gates.

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