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Driveway Gates Sarasota Florida | Aluminum Gates | JDR Metal Art 2021

Driveway Gates Sarasota

Here’s another set of gorgeous driveway gates in Sarasota created and fabricated by JDR Metal Art.  We are just finishing up and getting ready to ship them to the installer we are working with! These will be installed shortly in Sarasota by our friends at A1 Metalcraft.

16′ Dual Swing Aluminum by JDR METAL ART

JDR Metal Art builds various types of metal driveway gates for customers in Sarasota, as well as nationwide. Our lovely design themes include traditional gate themes and plasma cut metal art themes such as horses, wildlife, and trees.



Turn Your Driveway Entrance Into A WORK OF METAL ART with a Custom Driveway Gate Design!


Aluminum Driveway Gate Manufacturing

Plasma Cutting

We begin the manufacturing process by cutting our aluminum art pieces. Once they are cut on the plasma table we clean the cutouts and prepare them to be welded into a frame.

20210309 080450 scaled e1615474516266
Plasma cutting aluminum gates for Sarasota client.

manufacturing driveway gates sarasota


Plasma cutting aluminum gives us the potential to create absolutely beautiful designs for our Sarasota & Bradenton area customers.

Manufacturing aluminum gates with horse design


plasma cut gates sarasota bradenton myakka


This aluminum sheet is about halfway through the plasma cutting process:

manufactured aluminum gate sarasota

Here is a plasma cut panel after it has been finished and removed from the plasma table. We then remove the slag (dross) from the back of the sheet and lay the sheet on the welding table for welding our driveway gates Sarasota.



Cleaning The Aluminum Prior to Welding

Aluminum comes with all sorts of oil and grime that must always be removed prior to welding. Acetone is a harsh but highly effective agent for removing these oils and soils.

Manufacturing cleaning aluminum gates

Fitting Up

When the parts are cut to length and cleaned up for welding, it’s time for the fit-up stage. Fit up goes smoothly when the parts are cut to precise lengths, making the welding go much easier in the end.

The heavy-duty arch is made from 3/16″ thick square tubing that has been rolled to the radius and mitered to fit between the uprights.

arch for aluminum driveway gate in sarasota florida


Everyone wants their driveway gates to be square. Gates built out of squares will not look right when they are installed, and installation will be more difficult. We check numerous times to make sure everything goes together square and stays that way throughout the manufacturing process.

Sarasota driveway gate aluminum

Using a framing square is one of the best ways to be sure the frame is perfectly square prior to clamping and welding.

aluminum driveway gate frame

Checking to be sure the other side is square also. This will be the center, where the two panels come together when in the closed position.


aluminum driveway gate during fabrication and manufacturing

sarasota manufactured driveway gates aluminum


Clamping the frame down prior to welding is essential to prevent the gate from warping as it is welded together.
aluminum sarasota driveway gate manufacturing

Beveled and mitered aluminum tubes, fit up, clamped prior to welding. Aluminum loves to warp when heated, so clamping is essential when manufacturing the best aluminum driveway gates.


Aluminum welding requires cleanliness, preheating and special weld techniques to avoid cracking or breaking of the welds. Poorly prepared aluminum will not fuse properly when welded, therefore welding is the final stage of a process which has been set in motion earlier.

welded aluminum driveway gate

aluminum weld on sarasota driveway gate

Welding aluminum is the final step in joining the plasma cut artwork piece into the arched frame.

sarasota aluminum driveway gate fabricator

Aluminum MIG weld attaches the plasma cut aluminum 3/16″ thick sheet to the 2×2″ gate frame.

aluminum driveway gate on welding table

aluminum gate panel during fabrication 3

After the backside has been welded.

sarasota driveway gate


sarasota drive gate by jdr

Front side of aluminum gate panel after fabrication of both sides is complete.

sarasota driveway gate fabrication 2

sarasota equine themed gate

Sarasota florida aluminum driveway gate 2

aluminum sarasota driveway gate

Here’s a closer shot of the friendly miniature donkey that was manufactured from aluminum.

Looking down the center upright from the top of the left side.

equine metal art driveway gates

Looking from the top of the arch down the other center upright:

aluminum sarasota drive gate


manufactured sarasota driveway gates custom

Measurements Triple Checked

hinge end of arched aluminum custom driveway gate

Both hinge ends are 5′ tall.

arched aluminum swing gate end 1

measuring manufactured sarasota driveway gate panel

These gate panels are both 90.25″ wide.

manufactured driveway gate to custom specs aluminum

top of arched aluminum driveway gate for sarasota

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