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About Us

Who We Are

JDR Metal Art is a leading manufacturer of driveway gates for a diverse group of US clients that includes homeowners & homeowners associations, farms & ranches, parks, wildlife & hunting preserves, corporations and municipal governments.

Founded by Justin Rose in 1999 and headquartered just outside Columbus, Ohio; JDR Metal Art has since provided custom driveway gates and fences to clients in more than 30 states, as well as internationally.

Our People & Culture

We say it often and with good reason that our people are our greatest asset – because it is only by their skill and attention to detail that we are able to consistently meet and outperform client expectations. Attracting and keeping only the best people is our key to success. We have taken over 60 years of metal fabrication experience and brought it together under one roof to create some of the finest driveway gates available.

Fostering and sustaining a culture of maximizing individual potential is at the crux of our efforts. Trust, effective team communication and rock-solid performance are all critical when it comes to meeting the unique needs of our many clients.

Business Principles and Our Commitment to Clients

We act in our client’s best interests. By always putting our client first, our own success has followed.

Taking great pride in the professional quality and appearance of our work is of paramount importance to us. Even the smallest details are just another opportunity to achieve excellence. Cutting corners is never an option because honesty and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.

If ever it came to a choice, we would rather be the best than the biggest. We consider our size to be an asset that allows us to accommodate the largest projects our clients could possibly contemplate, while retaining the unity and intimacy of a small family owned business.

Our Goal

In a sentence, our goal is to provide every one of our clients with driveway gates that are more beautiful, long lasting and cost effective than can be found anywhere else. And, we might add; to always let our work speak for itself.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials for JDR Metal Art


“Hi, we finally got our gates in……..I get a lot of calls telling what a beautiful piece of art, they have never seen anything like it…… I posted your gate on our facebook page Military Mutts Ranch. Thanks for everything!”

Driveway security gates with plasma cut horses and German Shephard design at California residential entrance.

-Char O., Southern California, repeat customer

“I’m very happy with the gates and I’m so glad I bought them from people who care.”

Texas driveway gates with plasma cut silhouettes by JDR Metal Art.

-Mike S., Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

“Looks awesome!”

Residential gate for Orlando Florida customer.

-Shawn O., Orlando, Florida

“I really appreciate the way that you all do business. We love the gates”

-Sean H., West Virginia

“Great job from start to finish.”

Driveway gate with metal art silhouettes of golfers golfing.


-Denny B., Southern Oklahoma

“Hi Justin… has been a couple of years and our gates are still gorgeous……thank you”

-Michele B., Lake Worth, Florida

“I love my gates!”

-Jeni,  Los Angeles, California

Sloped or racked driveway gate for sloped or inclined driveway entrance.


“The gates arrived and are in good shape. They look great as ordered”

Seth M., Perimeter Security, Los Angeles

“The gates look great and we really enjoyed working with you on this project.”

Aluminum decorative driveway gates for Miami, Florida property entrance.

Adam B. Miami, Florida

“Everyone loves our gates.”

-Phil H., Marion Ohio

Thought you might want a copy . Thanks so much , love the gate .

-Bill M., Lansing, Mi.

“We are loving the gates!”

Custom driveway gates featuring steel cutouts of deer fox and trees plasma cut by JDR Metal Art.

-Craig Smith, Galion, Ohio

“It is a lovely gate and we have had many admirers.”

Lon U., Sacramento, California

“It’s beautiful.”

-Donna A., Roanoke Virginia

“Beautiful..this is going to look awesome”

Driveway Gate in Chattanooga tennessee with tree theme.

Justin P., Chattanooga, Tennessee, repeat customer

“That looks great. I love it.”

Driveway gates designed for adventure theme park in Indiana by JDR Metal Art.

-Bobbi Jo R., Rugged Adventures adventure park, Indiana

“They look great.”

Timothy W., Indiana, repeat customer

That’s exactly what we were looking for.”

Driveway gates with wrought iron theme for Pennsylvania farm residence.

-Jeff L., Pennsylvania, repeat customer

“Thank you!  The gates are beautiful.”

Ronnie R., Charleston, South Carolina












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