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Driveway Gate Designs | Affordable Gate Designs | JDR Metal Art

Beautiful Driveway Gate Designs

By JDR Metal Art

We design a wide variety of driveway gates, from simple to complex. Our talented design team is ready to create it’s next awesome work of art for your personal driveway gate. We make the design process simple and easy for you.

Fast Turnaround Times

From start to finish, it generally takes us one week or less to create the custom design you’re looking for. Very complex designs may take longer. We listen closely to your needs and work efficiently and effectively to meet them.

Design Pricing

Free “Simple Gate” Designs

What is a simple gate? We would refer you to our traditional driveway gates page for some examples. These designs could also include plasma cut lettering or street name/numbers, etc. We do not charge you anything for these designs.

Free “Existing Gate” Designs

With minimal effort we can modify most of our existing designs to fit larger or smaller entrances. So if you see a gate on our website and would like to have it in a different size than shown we can create a template for you to see how it would look in a different size. Also,if you would like to combine certain elements you’ve found on different gates on our website then there is no charge for this service.

“Artistic Gate” Designs Starting at only $299

New designs for our hand cut artistic wildlife gates, horse scenes, large decorative trees, etc require a down payment of $299.

Getting Started:

We need to know:

  1. How wide you need the gate(s) to be
  2. Whether you want a single or dual swing, or are undecided yet
  3. The general design theme (some possibilities would be wildlife scenes, sports silhouettes, family or organization name, pickets and/or wrought iron ornamental elements, and anything else you can imagine is what we can design & build for you!)

Once we have this information we design a gate frame template and fill in the “canvas” with a rough draft. We proceed making revisions to the design until you are completely ready to proceed turning the design into reality.

If you have any driveway gate design questions which I have not addressed on this page, be sure to contact us when you are ready and we will be glad to help you out.


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