Knoxville TN Driveway Gates | Tree Theme

JDR Metal Art makes getting custom-designed driveway gates simple and easy for everyone.

We work with clients from across the country to help them get a great-looking gate for an affordable price.

Knoxville TN Driveway Gates

This is an ornamental tree gate we built last winter for a client located in Knoxville, TN.

Driveway gates with tree leaves. Tennessee tree themed driveway gates.  Knoxville TN driveway gates oak theme 2 by JDR Metal Art 1 Oak Tree Ornamental Front Gate 1 Powder coated ornamental tree gates by JDR Metal Art 1 Driveway gate powder coated black. Driveway gates with Tennesee tree silhouette. Tennessee Picket Style Gate Tree Trunk 1

6×6 Driveway Gate Posts

These driveway gate posts are made from 6x6x1/4 steel tubing. They’re powder coated with zinc rich primer and a topcoat to match the gates.

They would support much heavier gate panels if needed…nothing wrong with a little overkill 😉

Knoxville TN Driveway Gates

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