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Metal art driveway gates are a great way to add beauty, value and security to your property. Our truly one-of-a-kind custom gates feature life-like decorative metal silhouettes of  wildlife, horses, trees, and more! We also build traditional style security gates as well. We specialize in supplying unique driveway gates to customers all across North America. Each and every driveway gate we create is handcrafted to precise specifications. You can trust us to build a driveway gate that is meant to last you a lifetime!

Custom Driveway Gates Delivered Nationwide

We either deliver your new driveway gate ourselves or have it sent via motor freight to anywhere in the continental US, depending on what is most desirable for our client. We’ve crated and shipped or delivered hundreds of driveway gates and posts across North America. They are carefully packaged to arrive at their destination safely and without damage.

Driveway gates and posts ready to be shipped via motor freight!

Affordable Steel & Aluminum Gates Made in the USA!

We strive to provide our customers with well-built and fantastic looking driveway gates, all at a price more affordable than the competition. We mainly build steel entrance gates. We can also build aluminum entrance gates when the situation demands heightened corrosion resistance or a lighter product. We do all of our own fabrication work and we only stock steel and aluminum that is manufactured in the USA.

Consistently beautiful structural welds seal all potential moisture access points to avoid rust and ensure maximum longevity.

driveway gate post with hinge welded on

We use 1/8″ material thickness minimum for all construction on our custom metal driveway gates. Our standard mounting posts are made from 4×4″ square tubing with a minimum of 1/4″ wall thickness. We also use maintenance free sealed bearing hinges, so no greasing is required to keep the gates swinging freely. Once the gates are completed they are delivered nationwide to the end users; beautiful homes, farms, ranches, hunting and wildlife preserves, etc.

Eco-Friendly & Super Durable Powder Coat Finish

Our in-house powder coating system helps us pass along lower costs to our clients. It also ensures proper procedures are followed during every stage of the finishing process. We have the capacity to powder coat ornamental iron driveway gates up to 20′ long and approximately 7′ tall.

The most critical aspect of metal finishing is proper part preparation and pretreatment. We use eco-friendly cleaning and pretreatment solutions to prepare a very clean oxide-free metal surface. This sets the foundation for an extended coating life. It also eliminates toxic impact upon our environment.

Each gate receives a zinc rich primer for added corrosion resistance. This is followed by at least two top coats of exterior grade polyester powder coating that is baked to a beautiful finish. Our standard color is a 60% gloss black specially formulated for high color retention and resistance to the elements.

Custom powder colors are available upon request.

Driveway gates with metal art tree. Driveway gate by JDR Metal Art Powder Coated Atlas Copper Finish 2015

Powder coat is more durable than paint and yet any dings or scratches incurred during installation can quite easily be touched up with the corresponding Rustoleum paint color.

Driveway Gates Made Ready To Automate & Install with Posts or onto Masonry Columns

We prefabricate the posts and hinge block mechanisms for each gate we build in order to allow for a simplified installation with no on-site welding required. The hinges are adjustable so the gates can be kept level. All of our metal art driveway gates are made to be automated with either solar and electric gate opener packages which can be installed by one of your local installers. We also know of numerous clients who have successfully installed the gate openers on their own.

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