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Atlanta Driveway Gates | 16′ Custom Dual Swing

Custom 16′ dual swing entrance gate with curved tops

This wrought iron driveway gate project is being put together in Columbus, Ohio and will be shipped to Atlanta, Georgia.

Here is some of the 3×2 steel tubing we are using for the frame. The top rails on each leaf of the gate will arch up at the ends.

Square tubing steel 3x2 on floor


We will be working from this blueprint which was made by coordinating with the client to determine the needs for his driveway. There will be stone columns going on the side of each gate, but rather than mounting the gates to the columns we have made provisions for the gates to mount to steel posts. Those posts will be set in the areas between the driveway berms and the stone columns. They will attach to the posts using J-bolt hinges with ball bearings and grease fittings.atlanta gate design


Working on fitting up the arched top together with the hinge side rail. Notice on the bottom of the picture..all joints are mitered with 45 degree ends before being welded together. Takes extra time but makes for a nice and smooth finish.

Gate laying on fabrication table

Using a MIG welder to join the gate together at the seams. The welding arc is bright enough to give someone a sunburn!

Welding mitred steel tubing

Steel cooling off after running a bead to join a top rail together with a side rail. Shown here in a molten state. The welds are the strongest part of the gate.

Puddle of molten steel on driveway gate

Once the metal cools down we take and sand the welds flat. We use a high-gloss paint which tends to show any surface imperfections so we want everything very smooth. All the separate pieces of steel tubing are joined together to become one single beautiful piece of steel that will not sag or fail otherwise.

Driveway gate laying on top of welding table

Gate Posts


steel gate post with hinge block welded on jdr metal art

Hinge blocks welded to steel posts…two of them get welded to each post…these take a J-bolt which slips through the hinge rail of the gate and is adjustable with nuts & washers.


picket style gate weld jdr metal art

Picture of the weld joining the square tubing picket to the main rectangular tubing frame.

JDR Metal Art custom curved top gate atlanta georgia 4

After the client self-installed his gate along with electric openers.

JDR Metal Art custom curved top gate atlanta georgia 1

It looks like attention was paid to detail on the installation…everything went together perfectly and looks great!

Atlanta Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art

We have worked with numerous clients in the Atlanta area. We are regularly in the area when traveling to install our custom gates nationwide.

Here is a set of horse themed Atlanta driveway gates.

Here is a set of Atlanta gates with a plasma cut metal art tree and horse mare and foal silhouettes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. If you happen to need a custom driveway gate, with or without metal art, please contact us to get started today!


Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.

St. Louis Missouri Driveway Gates | Plasma Cut Oak Tree Design

St Louis Missouri Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art

Oak Tree Theme

This St. Louis project that we are currently working on at JDR Metal Art is going to be a wrought iron oak tree driveway gate that will be mounted between two stone columns. We have coordinated measurements with the property owner to make sure the gate will fit well at its final destination.

This 5×12′ plate of 3/16″ thick steel has been traced with the outline that we will be using to make the tree. The trunk will be extended by splicing it to the rest of the tree with another piece of plate cut from the leftover material.

After a few hours of cutting..close to the halfway point with the tree.

Fitting the outside frame together on the fabricating table. Each end of the gate needs to be 4’6″ tall so as to stay below the capstone on the column…while the center slopes down to 4’0″ tall.

Gate frame on welding table.



Sparks fly as a MIG welder is used to superheat the metals for joining. The leafs become permanently attached to the branches of the tree by using this tool much like a hot glue gun.


Cloud of welding fumes lit up by the blue welding arc (above) while the picture below shows the cooling molten metal on a steel leaf after it has just been joined to a branch.


A coat of red primer helps the finish coat adhere better to the gate.

Primed steel metal art oak tree gate by JDR

The topcoat is an oil rubbed bronze paint from Rustoleum.

Oil rubbed bronze paint finish on driveway gate

The leaves are quite detailed and authentic looking.

Oak tree themed driveway gates at St Louis Missouri residential entry.

Custom St. Louis Gate Designs

We have worked with numerous clients from the St. Louis, Missouri area and provided them with personalized entry gates for their driveway entrances. Not only do we design wrought iron tree gates, we also specialize in designs featuring wildlife, equine and much more! You can learn more about our custom gate design process if you are interested in having us help you create a one-of-a-kind gate that you will be sure to enjoy for many years to come.

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.