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Driveway Gates For Sale

Driveway Gates For Sale by JDR Metal Art

Driveway gates for sale by JDR Metal Art.

If you are looking for driveway gates for sale, you likely first want to know all the costs involved with a driveway gate. Driveway gates can quickly become an expensive project. The cost of the project goes up proportionally to the level of security, ease of use, and aesthetics the client desires.

Different Types of Driveway Gates for Sale

JDR Metal Art builds different types of driveway gates for sale.

Fabrication of wrought iron and plasma cut driveway gate.

Driveway gates on a metal welding table.

Lead Times

Our lead times vary depending on the season. Typically we require a 2 month lead time from the time the order is placed until the gates are delivered to the customer. Larger projects require more time. It’s always best to plan months in advance. We are unable to accept any “rush jobs”, due to the nature of providing a customized, high quality product.

Different Gate Materials

Driveway gates can be crafted from steel, aluminum, wrought iron, or even wood. Different companies, including JDR Metal Art, specialize in different substrates for metal driveway gates.

Shiny Aluminum:

Aluminum/aluminium in its raw sheet form:

Aluminum sheet for custom farm gate in Ocala, Florida.

Plasma cutting aluminum:

Plasma cutting sparks from aluminum sheet.

Welding aluminum:

Welding together aluminum gate frame.

Rusty Steel:

Here is a steel gate that the client chose to allow to rust naturally in California:

Rusted raw steel driveway gates for Sacramento California property entrance.

JDR Metal Art’s driveway gates are most often crafted from steel or aluminum. Each of these two metals have their benefits and drawbacks. The most common drawback of aluminum is its cost. Learn more about the differences between steel and aluminum here.

Custom Gate Designs


Driveway gates with mountain theme. Silhouette includes designs of deer, turkey and black bear.


There are many different driveway gate design ideas. From simple to extraordinary, there are surely thousands of different ones. When someone is looking for a driveway gate for sale it is a great opportunity to add that personalized touch to their driveway gate with a family name or even a fully custom artistic design.

Nationwide Shipping

Once completed, JDR Metal Art’s metal driveway gates are carefully packaged and shipped nationwide to our clients via FedEx Freight. We regularly ship driveway gates to Florida, California, Maine, Washington, Texas, as well as many other states. We’ve even shipped our custom steel and aluminium driveway gates internationally.

Freight shipping a gate system via fedex.

Installation and Automation

Once your driveway gate has been safely delivered, it’s time to install and perhaps automate. Learn more about how to plan for gate installation and automation.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us!

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