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How Much Do Brand New Driveway Gates Cost ?

How Much Do Brand New Driveway Gates Cost?

Driveway gates with deer family at Tennesee driveway entrance.

Custom driveway gates differ in cost depending on varying factors selected by the customer. Some of the options include design costs, gate size, post size, materials costs, finishing costs, installation costs and automation costs. says $3,000 to $12,000 for a 12′ single swing electric gate.  That’s a range from $250-1,000 per linear foot.

Let’s break the job down into the basics:

How Much Do Gate Designs Cost?

Driveway gate designs can vary from pre-made designs to semi- or fully customized driveway gate designs. The costs can vary from free for existing designs which only need tailored to a specific size, to several hundred or even thousands of dollars for a highly intricate metal art gate design.

How Much Do Gate Materials Cost?

The gate materials will typically be made of either mild steel or aluminum. Driveway gates can also incorporate wood elements, or be fully made of wood. More exotic metals such as stainless steel, bronze, copper etc., are typically far more expensive than steel or aluminum. Wrought iron elements can also be expensive.

One important factor in 2021 is, because of pandemic related supply chain disruptions, the costs of most if not all materials are at or near all time record highs. Materials will be 1/4-1/3 of the job cost.

Learn about the difference between iron and aluminum driveway gates here.

How Much Do Gate Installation Materials Cost?

Size of Gate Makes A Difference

Typically we recommend a 12′ minimum opening, although some municipalities require a 14′ minimum opening between the gate posts. Can go up to 24′ or more for dual swing gates, we’ve done 28′. Slide gates can be 25′ or more, we’ve done 27′ slide gates.

Height and width add material and weight to the project, hence additional costs including the need for heavier gate operator equipment. A large gate will require a commercial grade operator such as the Liftmaster LA 500.

What Size Are Gate Posts?

The larger and heavier the gate, the larger and heavier the posts need to be to support it.

Metal tubing used for gate posts is usually at least 4×4″. Often it is 6×6″ or 8×8″ square tubing which gives a very substantial look but adds several hundred more dollars to the job cost.

Driveway gate posts with hinges prewelded, 4x4 steel tube.

Thickness of posts should be a minimum of 3/16″. JDR Metal Art recommends 1/4″ or thicker. Post thicknesses can go up to 3/8″ or 1/2″ in extreme cases.

What Are the Costs of Finishing Driveway Gates?

The surface preparation and finish quality determines how long it will last before the paint fades, cracks or delaminates from the metal surface.

Wet paint

Wet paints are the cheapest and least effective. They are typically good for 3-5 years before needing recoated. Cost is typically next to nothing. Slow curing times. Easily scratched.

Dry Paint-Powder Coat

Dry paints (powder coat) are more effective and costly. Typical life expectancy is 8-10 years. Cost will typically be $50 or more per linear foot.

powder coating a driveway gate with metallic copper finish.


Galvanizing can be added to steel substrates prior to painting or powder coating for extended life, but high cost, well into thousands of dollars, are prohibitive. Can last 20-25 years.

JDR Metal Art powder coated gates with zinc rich primer unsmushed

What Are The Driveway Gate Installation Costs?

6x6 steel driveway gate post.

Once a custom driveway gate has been designed, built and finished it must be installed by a skilled professional who will have selected the proper posts and gate operator for the particular installation. Consumers can expect to spend $1,000 to $5,000 or more on a standard gate installation.

Installation of gate opener system to columns

Hanging gates from masonry columns such as stone or brick are an added cost, and the masonry must offer adequate support of the gates. The leverage of gravity pulling on the end of the gate can be enough to pull an entire stone column over after several years if it is not properly reinforced.

In our experience, typical labor costs are $50-100 per hour for a qualified gate installer.

Welding decorative ranch gate onto gate post.

What Are Driveway Gate Costs for Automation?

After the installation of the driveway gate and posts is finished the customer has the opportunity to have the driveway gate automated so that it can be remotely operated without the hassle of having to leave their vehicle. Costs can include keypads and keypad stands, exit wands, entrapment devices such as photo eyes, remote controls, cell phone apps, etc.

Cheaper automation systems are generally less reliable and can be purchased from farm supply stores and users report far more issues than with the more expensive brands. A cheap gate opener can be purchased for $300 but may be more headache than it is worth. We recommend spending $2,500 or more for a reliable system.

Typical gate operator installers can charge several hundred dollars per hour for installing a new driveway gate automation system.

What Are The Maintenance Costs of Driveway Gates?

There are driveway gate costs to keeping a driveway gate in a safe and operable condition. At a minimum, the gate should be checked once every 3-6 months for signs of improper functioning and immediately serviced if any issues are found.

Automated equipment should be tested regularly to ensure it is maintaining a full charge and deficient batteries replaced before they go bad. Hinges should be greased, if applicable. Safety devices should also be tested monthly.

For extended service, a maintenance agreement with the gate and/or automation installer can be $200 a year or more, plus the replacement cost of batteries or devices.

A good battery will last 5 years or more, so we recommend using lithium or extended life batteries when possible.

Solar panels need to be replaced every 10-20 years at a cost of $100-200 per panel.

The paint will also need to be refinished every few years as needed. Higher quality paints need repainted less often!

FAQ’s About Driveway Gate Costs & Value:

Q: How Do Driveway Gates Add Value?

A: Yes, in the forms of aesthetic beauty, security, privacy and convenience.

Q: Does a driveway gate increase property values?

A: Most certainly, although exactly how much depends on the look and quality of the gates. There are several sources that claim just adding driveway gates to a home can add $50,000 or more in property value.

Q: Can Driveway Gates Deter Thieves?

A: Yes, by visual deterrence. Obviously, a driveway gate alone is not a fail-safe deterrent to a very brave or determined thief, but a driveway gate will limit how close to your home a vehicle can approach with the gate closed. Plus, it puts potential thieves on notice that the homeowner has taken heightened security measures for their property.

Q: Can I Put a Gate On My Driveway?

A: Yes, subject to local regulations (if any). Some municipalities only limit the gate size to 14′ wide or larger opening, while others limit the overall height of the gate to 7′ or less, or both the width and height. Rural properties are the least likely to be subject to gate size regulations.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Install Driveway Gates?

A: Installation cost is determined by the size of the gates, as well as by the type of gate such as swinging gates (less expensive) or sliding gates (more expensive). Material costs will be several hundred dollars worth of concrete for the posts; gate installation labor costs can be anywhere from $30-$100/hourly. Renting a post hole auger or mini excavator for several hundred dollars could be money well spent. A rule of thumb is that the gate installation should cost about 25%-30% of the driveway gate being installed.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Install Electric Gate Openers?

A: It’s typical to see electric gate opener costs being roughly the same as the price of the gate opener system being installed. So if you order a $2,500 driveway gate opener system, expect to pay another $2,500 to have the opener system installed after the driveway gate installation is completed.

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