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Steel Driveway Gates

Steel Driveway Entrance Gates

by JDR Metal Art

Rusted raw steel driveway gates for Sacramento California property entrance.


Steel driveway gates are an excellent material choice for creating beautiful, secure and strong driveway gates.

Steel is pure iron which has been alloyed with carbon to obtain a perfect balance of strength and endurance. It is widely available, relatively affordable and extremely durable. Therefore it is the most commonly used material in constructing metal driveway gates. In many instances steel is the best metal for a specific property entrance.

When comparing steel vs aluminum gates, one should take into consideration the different benefits and drawbacks of each before choosing one or the other.

Steel Driveway Gate Parts:

Raw Steel Gate Posts:

six by six steel square tubing

Rusty Steel Gate Posts:

rusty gate hinges

Rusty Plasma Cut Steel Gate Hinge Bracket:

Hinge Plate Bracket for Metal Driveway Gate copy

Raw Steel Gate Panel:

Steel gate panel.

Raw Steel Keypad Stand:

Steel gate keypad stand.

Powder Coated Keypad Stand (Base Plate shown):

Powder coated and mig welded steel keypad stand for ranch entrance gate.

Powder Coated Steel Keypad Stand:

Powder coated keypad stand for driveway gate opener.

Raw Steel Gate Post Base Plate:
Steel gate post base plate cut from 1/2" steel.

Raw Steel Gate Frame & Pickets:
Raw steel gate frame.

Raw Steel Gate Frame, Pickets & Plasma Cut Metal Art:
Steel gate frame without powder coat.

Raw Steel Gate Panels:

Raw steel gate with horse and german shepherd design before sandblasting.

These steel gate panels are ready to be sandblasted for the removal of mill scale, rust and oils.

Sandblasted Steel Gate Panels:

Texas Ranch Gates with Horses JDR Metal Art 2020 2

This panel is shiny white after all surface contaminants have been removed.

Powder Coated Steel Driveway Gates:

Powder coated gates for Texas driveway entrance.

Steel driveway gates after they were powder coated bronze.

Raw Steel Driveway Gates with Tree Theme:
Metal driveway gate by JDR Metal Art installed in Lexington, Kentucky.

Steel driveway gate panel.

Raw Steel Gate Frame Before Mig Welding & Powder Coating:

Steel gate frame before mig welding

Mitered 2×2″ square tubing for gate frame, with bevels for MIG welding.

Steel MIG Weld (Powder Coated):

Mig weld steel on driveway gate panel.

Driveway gate in the field with adjustable hinge hardware and semi gloss black powder coated finish.