Metal Driveway Gates

by JDR Metal Art

JDR Metal Art’s driveway gates are typically made from metal.

Types of Metal Driveway Gates:

Although there are several different metals which can be used as the substrate with which to create driveway gate systems, steel and aluminum are the most commonly used.

Other types of metal driveway gates include corten steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze.

Differences Between Metal Driveway Gates

The are several noteworthy differences between steel and aluminum driveway gates. Being informed about the differences will help you make the best choice for your entrance gate.

Steel Driveway Gates

Steel is the most common type of metal driveway gate. Steel is easier to work with than aluminum, and cheaper to purchase. It’s also heavier than aluminum and tends to rust over time.

Steel gate hinge being welded.
Welding 1/2″ thick steel driveway gate hinge bracket to back side of metal gate.


Aluminum Driveway Gates

Aluminum is the 2nd most common sort of metal driveway gate. It is lightweight but more difficult to work with than steel. It must be cleaned thoroughly prior to welding for best quality.

Palm tree driveway gate with fence accent design.
Aluminum driveway gate panel on welding table.

Other Metal Driveway Gates


Copper is prohibitively expensive. One option is to put a beautiful copper powder coat finish over steel:

Copper metal driveway gates

An aluminum metal driveway gate with copper powder coat finish:

Aluminum metal driveway gates with copper finish.


Bronze is another very expensive metal which makes it very unaffordable for most. An option is a bronze powder coated finish over steel or aluminum substrate:

Bronze metal driveway gate with pickets.

Aged Bronze:

Here is one of our tree themed driveway gates   with an aged bronze powder coat finish.Bronze powder coated iron oak tree gate, 18' wide x 7'6" tall in the center.

Metal Art Driveway Gates

JDR Metal Art’s metal driveway gates are made however the customer wants them.  We make them from steel or aluminum and can finish them to match any of the more exotic metals such as copper or brass. If you need a metal art driveway gate, please take a moment to fill out the form below for a free quote!

Metal art driveway gates for ranch entrance.

Ex. 12' wide x 6' tall
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