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Dallas Fort Worth Texas Ranch Driveway Gates

 Dallas Fort Worth Texas Ranch Driveway Gates

DFW Ranch Gate with Horse Theme by JDR Metal Art

After Gate Fabrication

Ranch gates before sandblast and powder coat.
Gate panels prior to sandblasting. All oxides (rust & mill scale), oils, and soils must be removed prior to the pre-primer and powder coat.

Here are the panels after the gate fabricator finished welding the frame and art pieces together. They are on the sandblasting rack to be prepared for powder coating. The Liftmaster LA 500 gate opener brackets have already been welded in place to make the on site gate opener installation easier.

Ranch Gates with Horses Dogs JDR Metal Art 2020
Dallas Forth Worth ranch driveway gates with horse & German Shepherd design theme.

Ranch Gate with Dog Silhouette by JDR Metal Art 2020

After Sandblasting

Texas Ranch Gates with Horses JDR Metal Art 2020 2
Clean white metal driveway gate panel after it has been sandblasted, before powder coating.
Texas Ranch Gates with Horses JDR Metal Art 2020
Sandblasted ranch driveway gate panel. The horses are plasma cut from 1/8″ thick steel sheet and welded into a 2×2″ square tubing frame.

After Powder Coating

These gates are powder coated with a leather brown powder coat. Each gate panel gets two coats of powder paint for a nice thick film build that resists chipping while keeping corrosion to a minimum. The adjustable driveway gate hinges we build are shown threaded into the gate brackets. The customer will not need to hire a welder to install the gates. Everything bolts together for a fast and easy install. Adjustable, friction-less and maintenance-free hinges are supplied with each ranch gate panel we build.

Ranch Gate by JDR Metal Art 2020

The horses are plasma cut from 1/8″ steel sheet which is welded into a 2″ square tubing frame. The top is arched with a 1′ drop from end to end (6′ tall at the center end to 5′ tall at the hinge side.

Horse design for TX ranch gate by JDR MEtal Art April 2020After Gate Manufacturing Completed:

Ranch Gates by JDR Metal Art April 2020
Here are the two custom ranch gate panels together before we package and ship them off to the Dallas Fort Worth Fedex Freight terminal.

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We build ranch and traditional driveway gates for ranches and residences all over the US! We’ve built many other Dallas Fort Worth Driveway Gates in the past, and in fact recently built a decorative oak tree for a custom ranch gate in Dallas Fort Worth.

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