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Dallas Fort Worth Custom Driveway Gates – Oak Tree Theme

Dallas Fort Worth Custom Driveway Gates with Ornamental Oak Tree

JDR Metal Art Builds Dallas Fort Worth Custom Driveway Gates

This oak tree driveway gate project is for a client in the Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas area. We’ve built many Texas driveway gates for our clients in the past. These clients have an existing driveway gate and asked us to custom design a tree that could be fitted and welded or bolted onto the existing entrance gate.

Metal oak tree on steel welding table.
Metal oak tree after welding the leaves in place.

Once the trees were plasma cut and cleaned up we started welding leaves in place. There are around 275 oak tree leaves that are all placed individually by hand, then the trees flipped over and the back sides of the leaves get welded.

Plasma cut metal tree with oak leaves on concrete floor.
Dallas Fort Worth Custom metal oak trees after plasma cutting the trees and welding the leaves in place.

Fabricating metal decorative tree for a driveway gate in Dallas.

After Powder Coating

After sandblasting the trees, they are then powder coated with super durable 60% gloss powder paint. The paint cures in an oven at 400 degrees and leaves a nice, fully cured finish after it bakes for 20 minutes.

Ornamental leaves on DFW plasma cut gate
Closeup of the decorative oak tree leaves welded in place to the tree.

Here is one side of the tree laid out on shipping padding while crating them up.

Oak tree for Dallas Ft Worth driveway gate

Oak tree plasma cut and powder coated black
Ornamental tree for driveway gate being packaged for shipping to Dallas Ft. Worth area.

palletizing driveway gate decoration

Decorative plasma cut oak tree with powder coated black leaves.

tree leaves on decorative driveway gate

Shipping  Dallas Ft Worth Custom Driveway Gates via Fed Ex Freight

To make sure our ornamental tree arrives safely at the freight terminal in Dallas we built a wood skid and filled it with padding so nothing gets scratched up in transit. Fed Ex will be delivering them to our client’s residence, and our customer will be unloading the trees at the gate site.

Driveway gate pallet at FedEx freight terminal.

Driveway gate pallet on loading dock at FedEx Freight.

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