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4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Brand New Driveway Gates

4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Brand New Driveway Gates

1. Adds a Layer of Safety To Your Home & Loved Ones

It’s okay to be exclusive. A driveway gate is one way to close off the outside world, which is especially appealing during these times. A closed driveway gate keeps random strangers from approaching your home in their vehicle, and your loved ones safer. They can also help to contain pets!

Ornamental driveway gates with flag themed dog design.

Other security add-ons include intercoms and camera systems to keep track of who’s coming and going.

2. Convenient

Driveway gates are convenient, especially when automated. They can be operated from the comfort of one’s own vehicle with a remote or from a keypad or even from home or far away with a cell phone app.

Gate opener remotesPowder coated keypad stand for driveway gate opener.


Even if your gates are manually opened and closed, you still have the convenience of controlling who drives up to your home.

3. Adds Beauty

A well-designed driveway gate is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Especially when they hang from native stone columns.

Beautiful tree driveway gate with snow

The stately feeling one gets while driving through an opened set of entrance gates leaves a lasting impression upon all who pass through.

Custom driveway gates with worker at the job site.

A brand new custom driveway gate is the perfect way to make a statement to all who see it.

4. Adds Property Value

An attractive, customized driveway gate can add $50,000 or more to the value of an underlying property due to aesthetics and added peace of mind afforded by increased security measures such as automation. That can give your property an edge in the market if it’s time to sell.

Driveway gates with deer family at Tennesee driveway entrance.

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