Washington Metal Art Driveway Gates – Custom Horse Ranch Theme

Washington Custom Driveway Gates

Horse Themed Plasma Cut Gates by JDR Metal Art

Here’s a metal art driveway gate project currently being built and then shipped to Washington state.

The metal artwork was cut on my newly built plasma cutting machine. The plasma table has been up and running reliably for about a month now and maintains accuracy to the width of a hair or about three-thousandths of an inch.

Plasma cutting a driveway gate with a Hypertherm Powermax 45XP.

Here is a plasma cutter that is cutting a metal sheet.Silhouette horse design for driveway gates in Washington state. This custom ranch brand is on a Washington custom driveway gate. Here are two plasma cut horses on a metal driveway gate. This is a custom metal art gate frame with mig welds. Horse themed driveway entrance gate. Ranch brand on driveway gate. Driveway gate with horse design.

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