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Kansas City Custom Driveway Gates with Oak Tree Design

Kansas City Custom Driveway Gates

Custom Steel Oak Tree Theme with Pickets

Here’s another custom Kansas City driveway gate project designed & built by JDR Metal Art.

Kansas City driveway gate by JDR 2018

Highest Quality Welds & Smooth Metal Finish

All welds are professionally done by a highly skilled welder. All frame joinery is also ground smooth in the corners for a beautiful and completely finished look.

Driveway gate frame 2x2 square tubing corner

Heavy Duty Hinge Brackets

Hinge brackets are one of the crucial areas on any gate. They transfer all the force from the gate to the ground.

Driveway gate hinge bracket on Kansas City entry gate Gate hinge bracket JDR 2018  Kansas City driveway gate pickets

Perfectly Placed Oak Leaves

Each leaf is hand placed for maximum effect. The leaves are welded solidly in place.

Kansas City oak tree driveway gate by JDR 2018  Stamped leaves welded on tree gate

Preparing Shipment to Kansas City Customer

Shipping driveway gate by freight