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Aluminum Gate Design | Custom Los Angeles Horse Theme by JDR Metal Art

These aluminum driveway gates were custom-designed for a Los Angeles, California residence. The design features four horses and a donkey which are plasma cut from heavy-duty aluminum sheet metal.

Aluminum Driveway Gates | Horse Design

Customized Design for Los Angeles, CA residence

by JDR Metal Art

The main obstacle for this project was working with a sloping driveway entrance that made it necessary to rack the gate design to accommodate the drop in altitude from the right side of the entrance to the left side. We dropped the left side of the main driveway gate design down just a bit over 20 inches so that the gates will run at a parallel angle to grade. All the details were coordinated in advance with the measurements being provided by our client’s local Los Angeles expert security gate & fence contractor.

Another concern for our client was that she did not want her dogs to be able to squeeze through the gates. We allowed a 3-inch gap between the horizontal boards seen in the design, with each board being 5 inches tall.

Swinging Aluminum Walkway Gate Panel

Aluminum driveway gate panel with square tubing and sheet metal.

The walkway gate to the far left of the entrance is made with a 2x2x1/4″ square tubing frame and 1/8″ thick marine-grade aluminum sheet metal.

Laid Out & Ready to Plasma Cut!

Here’s the walk gate laid out and ready to plasma cut…


The details of the donkey silhouette are cut out with a hand torch.

Aluminum driveway gate panel with metal art design being welded in.

We also have CNC plasma, CNC laser and CNC water jet capabilities for gate projects which involve cutting larger quantities of our beautiful fence and gate designs.

Welding the Gate Design into the Frame

This gate was welded together using an aluminum spoolgun welder. Aluminum is relatively soft and has a low melting point compared to steel which makes it more difficult to weld. The weld puddle needs to be moved very fast to prevent burn-through and weakening of overheated areas.

Welding together aluminum gate frame.

Equine aluminum driveway gate design.

Aluminum horse plasma cut gate design.

Aluminum sheet metal welded to square tubing.

Dual Swing Aluminum Driveway Gates

Aluminum driveway gate panel with blank sheet for privacy.

This is what the left gate panel looked like when it was a blank sheet prior to layout of the horse design. We built the gate frame with 2x2x1/4″ aluminum square tube and the sheet is 3/16″ marine grade aluminum alloy.

You can see the side rails are angled to account for the slope of the driveway. It was definitely a different feeling to be making something OUT of square…we were doing a lot of double checking to make sure we stayed on the right track!

Plasma Cut Horse Designs

Plasma cutting the horse designs is a lot of fun. The aluminum cuts nicely with a plasma cutter and is much cleaner to work with than steel.

Plasma cutting aluminum driveway gates with horse design.

Aluminum driveway gate with design of horses for home in Los Angeles.

  Aluminum horse design plasma cut for driveway gate made from aluminum by JDR Metal Art.

Aluminum gate design with horses for entrance after it was plasma cut by JDR Metal Art.

Shiny aluminum driveway gates with horse designs which have been plasma cut by JDR Metal Art.

Horses on driveway gate that is made from shiny aluminum.

Horse design that is on an aluminum driveway gate panel.

Ready for Shipment to California

Aluminum driveway gate with plasma cut silhouettes cut by jdr metal art.

Aluminum gates with horses laying down in crate before shipment to California from Ohio.

Aluminum gate with mule design plasma cut by JDR Metal Art.