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Driveway Gates with Tree Designs – Page 2 – JDR Metal Art

Gate Design 20T:

North Carolina Oak Tree Driveway Gate

12′ Single Swing Metal Art Tree, Cattails & Wildlife Silhouettes

12′ single swing gate with plasma cut metal art oak tree, cattails & wildlife theme with customized lettering.

Metal Art Gate Cattails Ducks Wolf Moon Tree

Gate Design 21T:

Sacramento, CA Rustic Driveway Gate

14′ Dual Swing with Complementary Horses

Client north of Sacramento decided to go sans our super durable powder coat finish and instead let his gates rust naturally..nowadays being commonly referred to as “rustic chic”. It’s a dual swing steel gate with pickets. There is a decorative oak tree on the front with plasma cut horses beneath.

Custom tree gate for Sacramento , California entrance.

The pickets are 1″ square tubing, the frame 2″ square tubing, the tree is plasma cut from steel 3/16″ sheet and the oak tree leaves are stamped from 16ga steel; each one is carefully hand placed and permanently welded in place.

Shown below with natural California rustic finish.

Driveway gate with trees and horses

Gate Design 22T:

Louisiana Entry GatesLouisiana Custom Drive Entry Gates by JDR Metal Art

These Louisiana entry gates were built for a lady with smaller dogs. We put the pickets closer together on this one so the dogs wouldn’t be able to get out. Not one of our tallest tree gates, this one is around 6’6″ tall.

Gate Design 23T:

20′ Dual Swing Driveway Gate

Coon Hunter Driveway Gate

Creative tree themed driveway gates for Missouri entrance.

Decorative driveway gates built for avid coon hunter from West Virginia and installed by JDR Metal Art at client’s Missouri property. Features the decorative tree, raccoons and deer also, as well as the client’s farm name.

The tree is a whopping 8′ tall at the top and has an arched frame behind it. Design is plasma cut from 3/16″ sheet.

Gate Design 24T:

Pennsylvania Tree Gate

16′ Single Swing

Custom Tree driveway gate theme for Erie, Pennsylvania / Lake Chataqua, NY area property. 16′ wide single swing is 8′ tall at the center. This huge gate is powered by an LA 500 gate opener to manage opening and closing with the high winds coming off Lake Erie.

Estate gate with LA 500 driveway gate opener on 16' wide, 8' tall single swing gate panel.

Tree of life driveway gate design plasma cut by JDR metal art in 2016. This gate went to a property near Erie, PA.

Gate Design 25T:

Kentucky – Aluminum Curly Tree Gate

14′ Dual Swing

Ornamental tree design for custom gate.

Louisville, Kentucky aluminum gates, dual swing.

The decorative metal art tree is plasma cut from 3/16″ aluminum sheet for extreme durability. 2″ aluminum square tubing outer gate frame. 1″ square tubing pickets. The gates have maintenance-free roller bearing hinges provide very smooth, resistance-free, long-term swinging that makes it easy for the gate openers. The aluminum is very lightweight which further eases the burden on the electric openers, thereby increasing the lifespan of the opener system.

These decorative aluminum gates were sandblasted and given an eco-friendly “transition metal coating” pretreatment before applying two coats of our “Super Durable” exterior grade powder coat finish.

Gate Design 26T:

8′ Wide Pedestrian/Walkway Gate

Dual swing walk gate for Chicago, Illinois residence.

Oak tree pedestrian gate.

Gate Design 27T:

California Palm Tree Driveway Gates

Palm tree gates in front of 10 million dollar mansion in California.
Palms/Horse Theme – California

Palm tree gate design features a stallion and a mare for front entryway to southern California mansion.

Gate Design 28T:

Columbus, Ohio 12′ Dual Swing Steel Gates

Driveway gate with tree design by JDR Metal Art.

We custom built these gates for a residence in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Gate Design 29T:

Indianapolis 14′ Tree with Decorative Side Panels

Driveway gates in Indianapolis, Indiana with custom wildlife scene and grazing horses. plasma cut by JDR Metal Art in summer of 2018.

Decorative side panel for driveway gate.

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Gate Design 30T:

Minnesota Oak Tree Driveway Gate Design

Custom driveway gates with tree design plasma cut by jdr metal art. They are mounted to stone columns and have a plasma cut metal art tree design.

This beautiful oak tree driveway gate is flanked by two massive stone columns and safeguards a log home located on an exceptional walleye fishing lake north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Doubled pickets across the bottom.

Gate Design 31T:

Kentucky Driveway Gate

“Tree of Life” 12′ Single Swing

Metal driveway gate by JDR Metal Art installed in Lexington, Kentucky.

This project was done in collaboration with the fine people at Overhead Door of Lexington, KY.  Their client presented us a gate design idea and we turned it into reality for them.

Gate Design 32T:

Single Swing Curly Tree Gate

This is a 16′ single swing steel gate we delivered to Virginia.

driveway gate curly tree design rusty by jdr metal art

Artistic driveway gate with single swing curly tree design.

Gate Design 33T:


Orlando, Florida Oak Tree with Horse

18′ dual swing steel gates for Orlando property entrance.

Driveway Gates for Orlando, Florida driveway entrance with horses and oak tree.

Gate Design 34T:


Dallas Fort Worth Oak Tree

15′ wide x 9′ tall dual swing metal driveway gate, crafted from steel.

Driveway gates in DFW with decorative/ornamental oak tree.
Custom Dallas Ft. Worth area driveway gates with custom tree design.

Gate Design 35T:

24′ Dual Swing Oak Tree Driveway Gate

Steel Cattle Farm Entrance Gate

Drive entry gates with silhouettes of cattle and a large metal oak tree.

A 24′ dual swing entrance gate for a southern Ohio farm. It also features metal art livestock silhouettes and scenery incorporated into the background.

Gate Design 36T:

Modern Tree Gate Design

Modern driveway gate with tree design, silhouettes plasma cut into the design and gate hinges and posts with a residence in the background.

Gate Design 37T:

Atlanta, GA Tree Gates – 18′ Dual Swing Steel

Atlanta driveway entry gates custom built by JDR Metal Art installed by NE Fence

Steel tree gates with mare and foal horse theme built by JDR Metal Art for Atlanta, Georgia estate entrance. Dual swing gate, each panel is 9′ wide.


Do You Need Decorative Driveway Gate Designs?

We have created many hundreds of decorative gate designs for our clients over the years. We design and build whatever gate design our customer desires and guarantee they will be 100% satisfied with the end result.

Below are several design possibilities for other tree-related gate design themes. Do you have an idea that you’d like to see turned into a design for your new custom gate?

Wrought iron style gate design.

Decorative Driveway Gate Automation

Few people wish to get in and out of their car or truck numerous times a day just to open and close their driveway gate, even on a warm, sunny day…but especially on mother nature’s more unpleasant days.

Our decorative driveway gates will work with practically all automatic gate openers. We install many different gate opener configurations and are familiar with all the best brands  out there such as Liftmaster, Apollo, Door King, Viking, etc.

Whether you have 110v or low voltage (12 or 24v) power available at the gate site or are half a mile from power and need to use a 12v or 24v solar system, we can help you understand your better options to power them to create the most reliable gate operator system.

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