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Driveway Gates and Access Control: Options for Securing Your Property

Driveway Gates and Access Control: Options for Securing Your Property


Are You Leaving Your Property Vulnerable? Discover the Best Access Control Options for Your Driveway Gate Today!






Installing a driveway gate is one of the most effective ways to secure your property. Driveway gates offer an extra layer of protection, preventing unauthorized access to your property. But what are the best options for access control? This article will explore the different types of driveway gates and the most effective access control options.

Basic Types of Driveway Gates

The three basic types of driveway gates are swing gates, sliding gates, and overhead gates. Dual swing gates are the most popular, single swing gates are the second most common while sliding gates are better for limited space. Overhead gates are often used in commercial properties.

Access Control Options 

Access control options for driveway gates can be manual or automatic. Manual access control options include keyed locks and padlocks, which are inexpensive but less convenient. Automated access control options include keypad entry, remote control, card reader, voice recognition, and biometric access control.

Advantages of Automatic Access Control Systems

Automatic access control systems offer several benefits. For instance, they are more convenient and time-saving. With automatic access control, you can let authorized individuals in without being physically present. Additionally, automated access control systems provide enhanced security, as it’s difficult for unauthorized individuals to bypass them. They also enable you to monitor and track access.

Considerations When Choosing an Access Control System 

When choosing an access control system for your driveway gate, several factors must be considered. The first is cost. You need to choose an access control system that’s within your budget. The second is your security needs. For instance, you might need an access control system to differentiate between employees and visitors. The third consideration is the ease of use. Choose an access control system that’s easy to use and does not require extensive training. Finally, consider how the access control system integrates with other security systems.

Maintaining Driveway Gate Security 

Maintaining driveway gate security is crucial. Regular maintenance and repairs are necessary to ensure your gate remains in good condition. Security system updates should also be carried out to ensure that your access control system is up-to-date. Monitoring and surveillance systems can also be installed to alert you in case of any suspicious activity.

Further Things to Consider:

  1. Driveway gate sensors: Another option for access control is driveway gate sensors. These sensors detect when a car is approaching the gate and automatically open it. They are convenient and require no physical input from the driver. However, they are less secure than other access control options and can be prone to false triggers.
  2. Intercom systems: Intercom systems can be installed at driveway gates to allow communication between visitors and property owners. They are useful for verifying visitors’ identities before granting access. They can also be integrated with other access control systems for added security.
  3. Backup power: It’s essential to have a backup power source for your driveway gate in case of power outages. This will ensure that your access control system remains functional even during emergencies.
  4. Gate material: The material of your driveway gate can affect its security and durability. Materials such as aluminum and steel offer good security and are long-lasting. Wooden gates are also popular but require more maintenance.
  5. Maintenance frequency: Regular maintenance is crucial for properly functioning your driveway gate and access control systems. The frequency of maintenance will depend on various factors such as the gate material, frequency of use, and weather conditions. Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is important to ensure optimal performance.

By considering these additional points, you can ensure that your driveway gate and access control system are even more effective in securing your property.



In conclusion, driveway gates offer an effective way to secure your property, and automatic access control systems provide enhanced security and convenience. When choosing an access control system, consider cost, security needs, ease of use, and integration with other security systems. Finally, make sure to maintain your driveway gate security by carrying out regular maintenance and repairs, and upgrading your security systems as necessary. With these considerations in mind, you can effectively secure your property with a driveway gate and access control system.




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A quality driveway gate adds a layer of protection to your property, your family and your privacy. A driveway gate is a stark portal between public and private. It provides a  firm line of demarcation in the mind.

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Steel Custom Driveway Gates

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We most commonly create steel driveway gates because they are so strong and durable. Much like its precursor iron,  steel is more susceptible to corrosion than aluminum when exposed to moisture and oxygen.

Aluminum Custom Driveway Gates

Laser cut aluminum gate

When the situation calls for it, we also build custom-aluminum driveway gates. Aluminum gates are a good choice for those who need a lighter gate or heightened corrosion resistance. Aluminum is less than half the weight of steel and has a very high strength to weight ratio. Although aluminum doesn’t actually “rust” it will still corrode in the form of “white rust” when not properly coated.

Custom Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

Wrought iron silhouettes custom made for driveway gate with balusters and fleur de lis silhouettes.

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