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Design Featuring Mini-Donkey, Gypsy Vanner, & Fresian Horses Standing at a Fence.

We custom designed and built this set of decorative driveway gates for the residence of a North Carolina gentleman’s home. As usual, it took us a few rounds of design work to come up with exactly what he wanted, but the end result turned out quite well:

North Carolina Driveway Gates

These dual swing entry gates are 16′ overall and are ready for dual swing gate openers which will be mounted to columns after we delivered them from Ohio to their final destination a little north of Charlotte, North Carolina.

North Carolina Driveway Gates

Each side weighs approximately 200 to 250 pounds. The steel is all 1/8″ material with the exception of the hinge side rails which are 3/16″ thick. The gates are very sturdy, built to last a very, very long time, and will add a lot of security to their new home.

Everything has been primed with a half-gallon of Rustoleum Industrial Primer and then top coated with a gallon of glossy black Rustoleum Industrial Enamel for a guaranteed long-lasting finish. I used an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray gun to ensure a uniform mirror-like finish coat with no runs or sags in the paint.

The automatic operators are likely to be the Estate Swing 1000D series which will include a keypad, automatic exit sensor, and remote controls.

We also have a set of gates going about an hour south of Charlotte and another set going to Atlanta, Georgia at this time. Rather than shipping them all out by freight, we will be delivering them all in one round trip. Nice way to wind down after working hard putting together and finishing the last 5 projects which all seemed to hit at the same time.

Decorative Metal Art Gate Designs

We design decorative driveway gates for homes, farms, and ranches in not only Ohio and North Carolina, we ship them across the entire United States. To learn more about our driveway gate design process please go to our decorative gate design info page or go to our contact JDR Metal Art page.

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