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Ranch Gates

Ranch Gates by JDR Metal Art

Ranch gates are often the most visible aspect of your ranch property. They are the sentinel, a barrier between public and private.

We know you take pride in your ranch property. All of our ranch gates are made to be a long-lasting source of pride for you and your family.

JDR Metal Art Builds American Made Specialty Ranch Gates 


JDR Metal Art’s custom ranch gates grace the entrances to hundreds of ranches across the US.

No matter where you live, the odds are we already have beautiful ranch gates in your area. Get in touch with us if you wish to see one personally! Many of our past clients are more than happy to show you their JDR Metal Art ranch gate.

Rodeo ranch gate design for JDR Metal Art.
Ranch gate concept design draft presented to JDR Metal Art by client.
Ranch gates with design of bronco and bull rider created by JDR Metal Art.
Ranch gates, overhead sign and entrance side panels all completed by JDR Metal Art.

Ranch Gate Designs

Our ranch gate designs are made for you. That means we design and create ranch gates that are made to perfectly reflect your ranch theme, your interests and your desires.

No matter if you own or manage a horse ranch, cattle ranch, sheep ranch, elk ranch, deer ranch or hunting ranch we will make a custom ranch gate design that is guaranteed to complement your ranch entrance in a way that not only looks great at first but will continue to look great long into the future.

We can create any ranch gate design for any type of ranch entrance.

Bison Ranch Gate

18′ wide dual swing gate we recently designed and fabricated for bison ranch in Alabama.

Bison Ranch Gate
Bison Ranch Gate with Bear for Alabama Bison Ranch.


Horse Ranch Gate in California

14′ dual swing gates built by JDR Metal Art for California ranch in 2015.

california driveway security gate with horses and dog silhouettes by jdr metal art 2016


Cutting horse ranch gate

Custom 20′ dual swing gate with cutting horse theme built for CT Bryant Ranch in 2011.

Ranch gates with custom horse and cow design.
Driveway gates for cutting horse ranch.

elk ranch gate

Here below is an elk ranch gate, we built three of them for a ranch in Oklahoma, just north of OKC. 15′ wide single swing.

Elk ranch gates built by JDR Metal Art.
Elk ranch gates, 15′ wide single swing with 6×6″ post.

Florida Ranch Gates

Custom driveway gate design with horses and dog silhouettes.

Driveway entrance with custom gated access controls. Design of horses on driveway gates.
Florida Ranch Gate with Horse Dog Design.

Do you need a custom specialty ranch gate?

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We’d love to help you make your upcoming ranch gate project a very successful one!