Texas Driveway Gates |Dual Swing Oak Tree & Animal Design

Texas Driveway Gates with Metal Art Oak Tree

These oak tree metal art driveway gates were just completed today and are being shipped by SAIA Motor Freight to Waco, Texas.

Texas driveway gates featuring plasma cut oak trees, horse, mule and a dog silhouette.

They are custom designed & plasma cut for an 18′ dual swing gated entrance and feature numerous trees, a horse, a mule, a dog, and two-tone powder coated finish.

 Custom Two-Tone Powder Coated Finish

1st Coat: Zinc Rich Primer

Goes on gray and adds a critical layer of corrosion protection to the steel surface. Basically functions the same as hot dip galvanizing. The zinc is the final layer of protection from rust and extends the service life of these gates by halting rust before it ever begins. While powder coat is EXTREMELY durable, a scratch through the zinc clear to down the metal surface will not even rust for a very long time due to the nature of the zinc and the protection it affords.

JDR Metal Art powder coated gates with zinc rich primer


2nd & 3rd Coat: Atlas Copper from Prismatic Powders

This is a Black and copper contrast with a smooth and mild texture.

The 2nd coat was Atlas Copper…we also made the 3rd coat this color in order to get it to blend well.


4th Coat: “Clear Vision” Clear Coat

This is the final coat. As you can see below, it went on as a white colored dust…once the metal art oak tree silhouettes were heated up in the powder coat oven past 250F the clear coat was transformed into a clear finish that adds an extra layer of durability and protection from the elements.

JDR Metal Art Tree with Clear Coat before bake


Final Effect:

Powder coated oak tree driveway gate atlas copper finish by JDR Metal Art


This textured copper adds a nice level of distinction from the artwork in the background.  The framework that the oak tree mounts to is our standard 60% glass black “super durable” powder coat specially formulated to withstand many years of extreme sun and weather exposure.




Close Up:


JDR Metal Art powder coating atlas copper


If you have any questions about designing something similar for your gated entrance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog entry about these beautiful Texas driveway gates!

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.



South Carolina Wildlife Silhouette Driveway Gate

South Carolina Custom Ornamental Wildlife Gate

14′ Single Swing

Last week we plasma cut an ornamental wildlife themed 14′ single swing driveway gate for a South Carolina residence. We then gave the gate a beautiful, long-lasting powder coated finish.

Spraying Zinc Rich Powder Coat Primer

The first layer of powder coat we applied is a gray zinc rich primer formulated especially for outdoor metal items. It resists corrosion extremely well. It is applied onto the driveway gate as a uniform layer of electrostatic charged dust. We push the gates into the oven and heat them until the powder melts into a gel. We then pull the gates back out and spray the top coat, in this case black. The gates go back into the oven for a final cycle to reach full cure temperature at 400 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.



Finished in 60% Gloss Black

Powder coated driveway gate with black top coat applied. It is a 60% “super durable” gloss black specifically formulated to provide superior color and gloss retention in even the harshest of environments. Powder coat is extremely tough and long lasting when it is applied according to our standards.


Super Duty 2000lb gate hinges

Here is a closeup picture of one of the hinges with its sealed bearing shown. The gate will attach to a post with the hinge brackets already welded to it, also. There is a slotted yoke to allow for adjustment. Each hinge is rated to handle 2000lbs so that is a total of 4000lbs. The gate only weighs about 750lbs total so there should be no issues for a very long time. Each hinge is backed by a lifetime component replacement warranty.



After we finished baking the powder coat on the gates we spent a couple of hours building a 14′ skid on which to safely ship the finished driveway gate to our customer’s home. We used many layers of shipping foam, cardboard, plywood and straps to ensure that there is no question this driveway gate will arrive in perfect condition at it’s South Carolina destination.

Ex.: Wildlife, Pets, Equine, Trees, Farm, Ranch, Residential, Simple, Traditional, etc.