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Security Gates

Driveway Security Gates

JDR Delivers Nationwide!

Traditional & Classic Style Driveway Gate Designs

Custom Made Home, Farm, Ranch and Estate Gates


JDR Metal Art’s security gates help you to prevent unwanted vehicles from getting access your private property.

Over the years we have custom built and delivered or shipped many types of security gates to our clients across the United States.

Whatever the customer’s situation, we work with them one-on-one to find out what their needs are and to give them different options which will help them achieve

those needs at a price that is very reasonable.


Here’s just a small sample of gate designs which can be made either with or without decorative elements.

Contact us to get a free personalized security gate design!



Design #1

Arched Top with Pickets

(Optional Any Farm/Ranch Logo/Name Etc.)



Design #2

Double Arched Top with Optional Clavos


Design #3

Design# 4


Design #5 (Atlanta model)

Outer Frame is 2×3 Rectangular Tube

Design #6

Traditional Driveway Gate Pictures

Atlanta Gate Style

Named for a custom gate we originally did for a memorable Atlanta gentleman. We saved him a fair chunk of money by giving him a lower price than his local Atlanta gate companies were quoting him. We shipped these security gates and his posts and hinge hardware. He installed his own gate and gate openers. These gates are fabricated together using a 3×2 steel tubing frame with an inverted arch at each end of the top. 1″ pickets with 1/8″wall thickness are welded across the middle of the gate frames.

This one is a 14′ a dual swing security gate. Each panel is  7 foot long.

We also make this style of driveway gate in any other sizes or as single swing gate panels. No matter what size you need, we are ready to build and deliver these gates to you anywhere.

security gate atlanta georgia 2

Sterling Model

Arched Top Picket Style Gates

These heavy duty arched top gates are our Sterling model.

Arched Security Gates by JDR Metal Art

They are built with a rugged 2″ square tubing steel frame.

The 3/4″ vertical metal pickets are running vertically through 2x1x1/8″ horizontal channels. There are also 1/2″ metal pickets located down at the bottom of the gate adding to the overall look.

The posts are 4″ square tubing steel with 1/4 wall thickness.

Custom Picket Gate with Metal Art Inserts

Double Arched Top Single Swing Gate

Deer, Mountain & Grass Theme

This 12′ single swing security gate was built for a hunting retreat in southern Ohio.

The design with the deer in center was originally a sign our customer bought years ago. It had rusted so we sandblasted it and made it the centerpiece of his new driveway gate.

It is powder coated with zinc rich powder coat primer and a black top coat baked to 400 degrees.

Our customer DIY-installed a Mighty Mule gate opener. We also welded on a plate for his gate lock to mount on the right side of the gate.

Metal Privacy Gates

Some of our security driveway gates are wrought iron picket style gates (with or without finials or spears on the top). Others, such as the model shown below, are completely filled with metal to also create a visual barrier.

Bexley Model

Security Gates Driveway

We build this style of metal privacy gates or security gates for neighborhood driveways, typically in the city and urban areas . They are made from extra heavy duty steel tubing and sheet metal.

We can make them with either arched or flat tops. They can be made to swing in toward the property or outwards toward the road, depending on the situation.

Our metal security gates can also be made to either slide open and closed on a track imbedded into the driveway or on rollers mounted to posts so the gate does not have any contact with the ground.

Cast Iron Spear Security/Privacy Gates

Sliding security gate

Metal Picket Gates for Horse Facility

This western style ranch gate is a 24′ dual swing was designed and built for the CT Bryant cutting horse facility in northern Ohio. We also handcrafted a plasma cut silhouette of his ranch brand and another one of a horseman working a cow that was mounted to the arch overhead.

Driveway gate cutting horse metal art entrance CT Bryant

Ohio Security Gate with Pleasure Horse Design

20′ dual swing laser cut gate with custom lettering for Shank Quarter Horse farm in northern Ohio. These took about three hours total to hang to the block columns.

This is an image of custom made dual swing driveway gate with a pleasure horse on each side and custom lettering that says Shank Quarter Horses.

Picket Style Metal Gates

Built To Last for a Very Long Time!

We’re proud to exceed the industry standards in numerous ways:

  1. Our security gates are only constructed from steel and aluminum stamped “Made in the USA”. We don’t use foreign sourced metals as is often used by the mass production gate companies.
  2. We use materials which are approximately twice as thick as what many of our competitors use. For instance, we use a minimum of 1/8″ thickness, often 3/16″ or more for the gate frame. While the thicker materials do add to the overall weight of the gate, the added benefits are that your gate will be much more resilient to all the stresses of opening and closing day in and day out through all weather conditions. Thicker materials also hold up much longer to the damaging effects of rust and corrosion that any well-built security gate will inevitably face. We have seen our competitors gates rusted out within a handful of years of installation due to their poor paint or powder coat finishes and their extremely thin and flimsy gate construction.
  3. We take every step possible to properly prepare and finish our handcrafted creations. We sandblast them clean and wash them free of any oils remaining from fabrication.  We use an extremely durable three layer powder coated finish to ensure that our security gates are going to fully withstand everything the sun, wind and water can throw at them!

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