Los Angeles Driveway Gates with Copper Equine Scene

Los Angeles Driveway Gates by JDR Metal Art

Expertly Crafted Aluminum Residential Gates featuring Custom Copper Powder Coat Finish

These recently completed driveway gates were sent to Los Angeles, California by JDR Metal Art.

The gate design was provided to us by the customer; we provided the customer with the plasma cutting, the aluminum gate fabrication, and the custom powder coating. The gate hinges provide 1″ of adjustment per side and are maintenance-free. They’re ready to be welded to existing posts onsite.

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Adjustable Gate Hinges; 7/8″ Threaded RodDriveway Gate Adjustable Hinges

Gate Hinges in Closed PositionDriveway Gate Hinges by JDR Metal Art 2017

Gate Hinges in Open PositionDriveway gates with heavy duty hinges by jdr metal art

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