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Best Driveway Gates Orlando | JDR Metal Art 2021

Driveway Gates Orlando

Handcrafted For You by JDR Metal Art

Driveway Gates for Orlando, Florida driveway entrance with horses and oak tree.
Orlando, Fl aluminum custom driveway gates by JDR Metal Art.

JDR Metal Art builds some of the finest driveway gates Orlando. Our awesome steel & aluminum custom driveway gates will make your neighbors jealous.

We have over 100 custom designs and would love to create a stunning brand new driveway gate design just for your property entrance. On this page are just a handful of the projects we’ve done in the Orlando area over the years. Enjoy!

Custom Horizontal Picket Gate for Alaska Farms

Horse ranch driveway gate design created by JDR Metal Art in 2019.
Horse ranch gate design for Alaska Farms located in Orlando, Florida.


Rearing stallion gate design by JDR Metal Art for Florida Farm.Left gate panel for Florida ranch entrance.

Plasma Cut Metal Art with Deer, Antelope & Turkey Design

Driveway Gate Designs by JDR Metal Art Deer Turkeys Antelope

Here is an aluminum wildlife driveway gate JDR Metal Art is plasma cutting for the Cypress Ridge Hunting Preserve near Orlando, Florida.

Featuring a whitetail deer, antelope and turkeys, we are building three of these single swing aluminum gates for our client.

With a nationwide client base, we specialize purely in the design, fabrication and powder coating of custom driveway gates.

Metal art driveway gates we plasma cut from marine grade aluminum for Orlando Florida residence.

Aluminum Drive Gates

Built from extremely corrosion resistant nautical grade aluminum sheet, this is a huge single swing gate with the “canvas” measuring approximately 16′ wide by 8′ tall. Aluminum sheets this size are quite difficult to find. Typically they are used in the ship construction industry and for military grade armor plating applications. After much searching we were finally able to source three of these sheets and have them hauled from an aluminum mill in Maine to our custom gate facility in Ohio. From there we will be hauling the finished gates directly to our customer in Orlando. The gates will be offloaded there and the installation will be handled by a local installer who will be installing electric gate openers sufficient to handle these massive gates. Luckily, aluminum is much lighter than steel which means the forces of gravity and wind will be exerting less force on the gates and requiring less force to be exerted by the openers to open and close the gates.

Ornamental driveway gates fabricated from aluminum for Orlando Florida entrance.

Animal Art for Entry Gate

This is a plasma cut silhoutte of an antelope on a driveway gate.

Here is a picture of a deer silhouette on a plasma cut entry gate.

This is a plasma cut aluminum deer silhuoette.

Gate lettering for Cypress Ridge Hunting Preserve in Florida.

Custom aluminum plasma cut gate and sign lettering.

Drive gates with deer, antelope, turkeys, trees, etc.

If you need a custom aluminum driveway gate in Orlando we are ready to get started on it for you today!


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