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Automatic Entry Gate Price

Are you wondering about an automatic entry gate price? Automatic entry gates come in a vast range of prices.

The price should adequately reflect the quality of the entry gate as well as the automatic gate opener that is used to open and close the gate.

Automatic entry gates are typically priced by the linear foot plus the cost of the automation equipment used.

Gate prices generally start around $100/linear foot for the cheapest plain metal driveway gates. These gates are typically foreign made from the thinnest materials possible.

A creative automatic entry gate with plasma cut designs are priced from $300/linear foot up to $1,000/linear foot depending on the complexity of design and the materials used, such as steel or aluminum.

When shopping for driveway gates it is important to understand what exactly you are getting before parting with the money. All too often people find they have been sold an inferior quality automatic driveway gate once it has proven to be a maintenance nightmare. Do you ever see automatic gates that are always in the open position, and never closed? The odds are this is a prime example of an inferior product whose maintenance costs have outweighed the utility of a hands-free automatic gate opener.