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Simple Swing Driveway Gates

Simple Swing Driveway Gates

5′ Tall Swing Gates

Custom Gate Panels Made To Order

Option 1: Single Swing Flat Top

$150 per linear foot plus Shipping (Free pickup in Tennessee)

Shown below is a 10′ wide by 5′ tall swing gate panel with a 4×4 post. Heavy duty 2x2x11ga (.120″ wall thickness) square tubing frame with 3/4×14 ga (.08″ wall thickness) square tube pickets. These driveway gates come with a smooth semi-gloss black powder coat finish.


5' tall 10' wide driveway gates without spear pickets



Option 2: Single Swing Spear Top

68″ Tall Simple Swing Gate with 6″ Tall Cast Steel Spears (Finials)

$200 per linear ft plus shipping (Free pickup in Tennessee)


5' tall 10' wide driveway gates with spear pickets


Option 3: Buy 2 Single Swings and Install A Dual Swing

5' tall 20' wide driveway gates with spear pickets

Driveway Gate Posts, Hinges & Metal Art Accessories

If you also need gate posts, hinges or metal art elements added we can include them for you at an additional cost. You can get a quote using our quote form below:

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