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Driveway Gate Hinges

Driveway Gate Hinges


Maintenance-Free Sealed Bearing Gate Hinge

At JDR Metal Art we only use top-of-the-line hinges which are engineered to last decades, not just a handful of years.

These hinges have an exceptionally high weight rating of 2000lbs, much higher than the industry standard of just 600 lbs.

For leveling of the gate(s), a slotted yoke allows the hinge 1/2″ inch of movement before the nut is tightened down onto the bolt to secure the hinge in place.

It is crucial for gates to have as little resistance as possible from the hinges. Our maintenance-free driveway gate hinges utilize multiple sealed bearings into the hinge design. These bearings are greased internally and given a weatherproof seal which makes for an incredibly long-lasting, smooth-swinging gate that opens and closes with just the touch of a finger.

Electric and solar powered gate openers are especially sensitive to any friction in the gate hinges. If the hinges aren’t perfectly aligned or aren’t well-lubricated they will make the gate harder to swing open and closed. For safety reasons, gate openers are programmed to stop and reverse when an obstruction is encountered.  Nuisance tripping of the obstruction sensor can results due to  poorly installed gate hinges which will result in “nuisance tripping” of the obstruction sensors built into the opener.

J-bolt Hinges


Many gate companies build their gates with a J-bolt type of hinge that really need to be greased every few months to keep the gate swinging freely. While these hinges are cheap and have a high degree of adjustability, one downfall is that they have a low weight rating of only 600 lbs; especially problematic for longer and larger gates. Also, there is a lot of surface area in these hinges which quickly dries up the grease inside the  hinge socket. As the grease dries up the gates become more and more difficult to swing open and closed to the point the hinge becomes seized up. Not only does this friction add extreme stress to the gate openers but these hinge bolts will even snap off, typically right behind the jam nut where all the force is being transmitted to the gate post.  This potentially results in the gate being found laying on the ground.


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